American Idol is celebrating its 20th anniversary with NFTs

American Idol is one of the most successful reality TV shows of all time, and there’s no better way to celebrate 20 years on air than with an NFT collection

American Idol: Diamond in the Rough

Few things get people more excited than a grass to grace story, and for 20 years, American Idol has allowed a myriad of people to perform before the world, create a fanbase, and make some money. Many American Idol participants will not have been able to kickstart or further their music careers without a platform like American Idol.

After 20 years on air, it’s befitting for American Idol to have a lot planned to celebrate two decades of breaking barriers. In 2022, no celebration is complete without an NFT aspect, and naturally, fans of American Idol can gain access to tremendous NFT assets from this brand.

A fantastic aspect of the American Idol NFT program is that assets are tied to current participants in this season’s installation. As time goes on and contestants get evicted, fans can win prizes and interact with performers like never before.

After all, is said and done, one thing that this NFT project aims to achieve is to give fans the chance to follow performers on the show and earn through the NFTs they purchase. American Idol isn’t doing this alone; they partnered with ThetaDrop to deliver this project.

American Idol x ThetaDrop

As part of its anniversary celebrations, American Idol has partnered with ThetaDrop to launch a collection of NFT trading cards powered by the Theta Network. As mentioned earlier, this partnership will make it easier for fans to engage and possibly earn through the NFTs they purchase. Speaking on the partnership, Mitch Liu, ThetaLabs CEO, had the following to say, “When you’re collaborating with internationally-renowned entertainment brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than American Idol. With our Theta-powered real-time predictive NFTs, fans will be able to go beyond voting for the contestants and become a judge, celebrating with their favorites and collecting rewards as they move through each qualifying round to the finals”.

Both American Idol and ThetaLabs seem excited to be partnering with each other to deliver a fantastic product.

How do the American Idol NFTs work?

Let’s say you invest in an American Idol NFT Card Pack for the floor price of $99; you’ll receive a random NFT card featuring one of the Top 14 contestants. As the show progresses and contestants get eliminated from the competition, you stand a chance to win exciting prizes if you own matching NFT numbers of evicted contestants.

At the end of the show, holders of NFTs featuring this season’s winner will be entered into a “raffle” to win a “Ticket to Hollywood” NFT, and the winner of the raffle can have a physical ticket to Hollywood shipped to them.


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