Top 5 Best Digital Art Frames in 2021

Digital art frames are becoming the new must have thing for NFT collectors and artists. Therefore, lets delve and see what is available out there.

When people buy physical art, they want to show it off. This is a natural human trait. Digital art and NFT collectors are no different. They want others to admire their collection.

So, what is the best way to showcase your digital art and NFT collection?

Simple answer, digital art frames.

 Although a relatively new industry digital art frames have seen a huge rise in popularity. It has got to the point, where people must join a waiting list to purchase a frame from some of the smaller companies in this article.

Therefore, we thought it time to write a short piece on the 5 best digital art frames available on the market.

1. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class Frame

When it comes to displaying images, Samsung has a reputation bar none. The Class Frame is no different. The Quantum Dot Technology color pop comes with over a billion color shades. And it remains sharp irrespective of the brightness to which you set the screen.

The 65-inch display is a 4 K UHD Dual LED Quantum HDR, meaning that the picture is crisp, sharp, and crystal clear. All of which are necessary attributes to display art.

It comes in four colors, dark, white, beige, and brown. It is also installed flush to the wall without any noticeable cables. This enhances the elegant appearance of the frame.

You can compile all your digital art or other digital pictures in one place. This feature is handy when you have an extensive collection of works of art, where it is better to display them via a slide show or queuing.

Additionally, the Samsung frames are not only a digital art frame, they are a full-screen TV too. You can therefore put it in a living room or another area shared by the entire family. It would thus serve the dual function of art and entertainment.

It should be noted that Samsung has a high price tag, usually north of $1500. The smaller frame sizes are, of course, less expensive, so there are a variety of prices you can choose from. This device is, in my opinion, completely worth the extra money.



This powerful processor uses profound AI learning to turn all you see in stunning 4K.


Quantum dots produce over a billion colors that remain true even in bright scenes.


Raising space and making the framework your own by improving it with a black, white, beige, or walnut frame


When you don’t watch TV, the frame becomes a beautiful work of art. Activate the built-in motion sensor, so your TV displays your favorite selection whenever you go into the room.


Purchase individual pieces or sign up for a growing library of well-known and emerging artists.

2. Blackdove Digital Art

Blackdove is a platform for digital art that offers original artworks created in modern apps by some of the most innovative global artists for bright and internet screens. Blackdove’s task is to raise awareness of digital art and provide a platform for artists and collectors to enhance the digital art experience.

If you hesitate to enter the NFT art market because you don’t want to spend a fortune on an art piece that is only present in your crypto wallet, Blackdove is happy to change your mind. The company based in Miami designed a digital framework that allows you to easily swap one piece for another and turn your home or office into a digital art gallery. There are more than 100 moving artworks in Blackdove NFT gallery representing more than 50 international artists. It will start as a pop-up, with plans to move quickly to a permanent place. Every week, the art displays changes, showing a wide range of artists and trends in real-time.

Due to the digital art, Blackdove will also offer buyers the opportunity to purchase the items displayed right there in the store via cryptocurrency, which means that collectors will never need to leave empty hands. The mission of Blackdove is to promote awareness and recognition of digital art and provide a platform for digital art for artists and collectors alike.

The art is stored locally on Samsung’s commercial quality screen so that users can plan their art collections for display in the hours they choose, without paying extra streaming charges. The Blackdove Digital Canvas feats 48- and 55-inch Samsung commercial, high-definition displays built with Blackdove software to enable consumers and businesses to enjoy their digital art galleries in an easy, intuitive way. The black bezel screens, horizontally or vertically mounted, are designed to maximize the visual experience of users. The Blackdove-branded Samsung screens also offer users the flexibility of viewing TV and connecting to gaming systems on the same display with three HDMI ports.


  • Local art storage on the screen to prevent internet interference
  • Portrait orientation with correct screen cooling
  • Minimum 500 nit light output for a lighter screen
  • Built into the Blackdove Art Cloud
  • It can be combined with several displays.
  • Can be managed via mobile or web Blackdove apps
  • Integrated Crestron
  • It can be played 24/7/365
  • Auto on/off timer scheduled.

3. Mueral Canvas II Smart Art Frame

Meural produces bright displays, and Canvas II is one of his masterpieces. It is a 1080 HD screen with an anti-blitz finish and adjustable backlight. This digital image framework displays real-life images and puts your art in the best possible light. Furthermore, it is equipped with TrueArt Technology.

Frames come in a range of sizes. This allows the purchaser to take in to consideration such things as wall size and NFT dimensions. Another, positive is the ability to mount the frame either vertically or horizontally.

The mobile app makes it easy to download images and control all the frame parameters. Meural is less compatible with iPhones and iOS rather than Android devices, but it’s usually easily accessible on most platforms.

The frame is nicely priced, with the 21.5 x 27 inch display costing around. In addition, the large 19 x 29-inch display is around 500 $. Finally, you can access all 30,000 iconic artworks for about $70 each year at the Meural Gallery.

The colors available include black, white, dark wood, and light wood. And the general look of the frame is halfway between classic and modern. It is suitable for all types of works of art.



Meural Canvas II combines a contemporary design, advanced technology, and a passion for art worldwide that allows you to explore and showcase more of what you love in lifelike details.


Meural Canvas II is designed for every room. It’s sleek, modern, and classic and is available in two sizes (21.5″ diagonal and 27″ diagonal) and four colors (black, dark wood, light wood, white).


Easily upload, cut, and view your photographs in a most detailed manner and save on printing and framing costs.


Bring more than 30,000 works of iconic and emergent art with the Meural Membership into your walls with Meural’s endless digital library. (Sold separately for $69.95 per year).


Just tap the Meural app (available on iOS or Android) and wave your hands to learn the art, customize your canvas, plan display times, or change settings. It’s easy. Or relax and take advantage of supported voice controls to find a new masterpiece like Alexa.


Meural Canvas II, A WiFi 1080p HD Display with an anti-blindness finish and adjustable backlight with TrueArt Technology.


The Meural Canvas II detects orientation automatically, and it is easy to rotate between horizontal or vertical displays with the swivel mount sold separately.

4. Canvia Smart Digital Art Frame

The point of praise for Canvia frames is that art appears to be completely digital. The picture seems so real that the textured surface can almost be touched. With the implementation of ArtSense technology, this impressive visual experience is achieved. By uploading all your favorite images into the memory of the frame, you can enjoy an endless stream of playlists and slide shows. It includes 16GB of storage that can store up to 10,000 pictures.

The digital art frame constantly adjusts to the changing ambient light and optimizes the display settings. It is a full HD screen that is also anti-illumination and reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, it is Alexa-enabled to control the remaining settings by voice easily. The frame is in white, cherry, wood, and black to fit your office or style. Take the dominant colors of your favorite images into account. Choose a frame that does not conflict with or undermine your art’s aesthetics. The Canvia frames are moderately expensive and relatively simple. You might need to change the NFTs formats a little, but it’s a suitable device other than that. A one-year bonus subscription to the art library of Canvia with more than 10,000 paintings is an additional benefit.



The intelligent digital art frame of Canvia employs our patented ArtSense technology and shows fine art paintings, photographs, and your images in exquisite, lifelike detail. The digital photo frame comes with sensors for a real-time ambient light adjustment that show a real-life picture with vibrant colors that look as if on canvas.


Create a playlist easily to stream and schedule your favorite artworks on an elegant image frame per hour, day or week. Each digital purchase of frames includes a one-year subscription to our art library, which has over 10,000 paintings and photographs by contemporary and classical art from the finest museums of the world.


Our Canvia digital art frame has a memory of 16 GB so that you can easily upload and save your favorite pictures for an accurate print display. The WiFi digital frameworks via the web, a desktop, and a mobile app. You can add artwork titles, highlight details, and zoom in from the app. You can also schedule uploaded personal photos or control your voice with an Alexa-enabled device for easy viewing.


The Digital Frame features an advanced, full HD screen with matt anti-blind finish, which displays realistic images that appear to be painted or printed. The color dynamic HD screen produces sharp, vibrant photos true to the original work of art. It also senses darkness when you enter a power-saving sleep mode every night and allows you to zoom in to highlight intricate details.


Canvia’s digital picture frame is available in four finishes with premium maple hardwood, blends seamlessly with any decor. The intelligent art framework can be placed vertically or horizontally for a wide variety of artworks.

5. NETGEAR Meural Smart Digital Photo Frame

The NETGEAR Meural are, without any doubt, one of the most popular digital art frames on the list. It is also loaded with the features of image improvement for an optimal visual experience. In addition to TruArt technology, you can load stills or videos directly to the Meural, and this would come out with full HD IPS anti-lighting, which imitates the vivid viewing at any angle. The Meural is a 16×10 display on a counter or mounting on a wall. The dimension is ideal for most digital art, and you can adjust its orientation to suit your images.

As this framework connects to your phone directly, you can create a playlist of current events and watch them later. You can also send the images to a family member remotely. Sharing special moments with loved ones and enjoying the fun for days is easy with only a few clicks.

The level of brightness of any digital display does not always flatter images or videos. But this is not an issue with the Meural because it auto-adjusts with special sensors to the ambient light. If the environment gets too dim, it just shuts off.

The display of NFTs is a relatively recent trend, and, understandably, the technology has not yet been fully reached. Digital frames here and there have some weaknesses, mainly if you are an iPhone user. Sometimes the NFTs format needs to change, and sometimes the orientation function does not respond as expected. In total, the NETGEAR Meural is an impressive and affordable framework. You can also visit their website for picture collections and digital vintage art.



Upload, display, and display your images and 15 seconds video clips easily from your phone via the Meural App.


Link to a Meural frame and auto-sync with new images on any Apple or Android photo album.


Invite others to connect and share with your Meural instantly. You can also share your pictures with other Murals automatically.


Skip social media and keep personal memories. You only check who sees your content.


Make your photos personalized and schedule them to play at various times of the day or on special occasions.

You can visit the NETGEAR site here.

Where can you buy NFTs?

Now that you know what the best NFT frames are for displaying your collection, you probably want to expand that collection and add a few more. After all, you can never have enough, right? If that’s in line with what you’re thinking, here’s a list of NFT marketplaces that have the latest drops you can check out.

  • Mythia
  • AsyncArt
  • Decentraland
  • KnownOrigin
  • MakersPlace
  • Mintable
  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • Sorare
  • SuperRare
  • ThetaDrop
  • Valuables
  • Zeptagram
  • Zora

These are far from the only ones, but they should be enough to get you started! 


There are many thousands of collectors out there who have spent thousands of dollars proudly accumulating their portfolios of digital art.

Your art deserves a pride of place at the heart of your home. Go ahead and treat yourself.


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