Clay Mates Launches Over 20k Land Pitches NFTs

Cardano Clay Mates recently announced a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, and this partnership is set to usher in the launch of some exciting assets for the Cardano ecosystem.

Land Allocation: Cardano puts up Virtual Real Estate

11th April 2022 saw the announcement of the collaboration between Clay Mates – a Cardano-based NFT developer, and American hip hop legend Snoop Dogg including his son Champ Medici. In a post on their official Twitter page, Clay Mates stated that the partnership would bring iconic clay animation, land pitches, and unlockable music content to Cardano. They promised the deal would foster the creation of digital collectibles and several mouth-watering incentives for users.

Clay Mates didn’t take long to make good on their promises. A little while after the collaboration announcement, Clay Mates stated in another tweet that they’ve made up to 20k land pitches available for clay nation holders and public mint. The land pitches are claimable assets in the newly developed areas of the Clay Verse, which includes Sonic, Underworld, and Bake Nation. 

Clay Mates further disclosed that they’d reserved 19,500 land pitches in the sonic and underworld area for Clay Nation holders on a 1:1 basis. Holders are members of the Cardano community. In addition, they stated that they’ve made 1,500 of the 11,000 Baked Nation pitches available for public mint and Clay Nation NFT Holders.

Clay Mates made a higher percentage of the Baked Nation land pitches a public mint as a way to attract and welcome new investors from outside Cardano into Clay Nation. They expect this strategy to benefit holders as the community grows. 

Users’ Eligibility: Conditions for Claims

While many of the available land pitches are reserved for Clay Nation NFT holders, investors still have to ascertain their eligibility before claiming the assets. You can confirm your qualification via the Clay Nation Eligibility platform. 

The eligibility confirmation process is as simple as providing your Cardano address in the web page’s text box. Then, the system will automatically run a check and display your status. Eligibility qualifies you to claim land pitches in the sonic and underworld estates, and you can also purchase the NFT by sending 100 Cardano (ADA) to the Clay Mates Address. Eligible holders have a claim limit of 10 NFTs per transaction. But, you can make as many transactions as you need to secure as many assets as possible.

Snoop Dogg: Hip Hop Star’s Involvement 

Snoop Dogg’s partnership with Clay Mates further corroborated his push into the Web3 ecosystems. He had previously participated in several digital projects, most notably the Sand-box Play-to-Earn game. However, his venture into the Clay Verse comes with an exciting twist.

Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici’s collaboration with Clay Mates facilitated the launch of Bake Nation. The digital collectible is a unique map on the Clay Verse which also gives holders access to unreleased tracks from Snoop. So, when you purchase a Baked Nation NFT, you’ll get a prime piece of digital real estate, plus additional e-access to some exclusive Snoop Dogg content.


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