The Best NFT Land Projects For 2022

NFT hype has calmed down, and it is time for people to invest in value-based projects. Although, NFT lands, or virtual lands, have always enticed people. So, let’s dig into the five NFT land projects that can provide excellent results in 2022:

The Sandbox

You probably know about Minecraft. The pixelated world of Microsoft is available in creator and survival mode. It is still active and trendy. You might have also heard of Roblox. Another pixelated world where users can create their games and even earn money.

Now, The Sandbox is something like Roblox and Minecraft. It is community-driven and allows you to create or develop your games. Of course, you need to own a $LAND token. The Sandbox is perhaps the most flexible NFT land that you can own.

You have the freedom to do anything with the Sandbox’s $LAND NFT. There is also a limited supply. So, you can expect it to grow in value significantly. The Sandbox might be one of the most worthwhile projects in the long run, on the list. 


Tezotopia brings you a potential NFT game and Metaverse project on the Tezos blockchain. It allows you to own unique pieces of NFT land with varying resource collections that you can enhance or boost. You can also build attacking units to raid other players or even occupy their land. Why is it on the list?

It’s simple: Tezotopia’s NFT lands are highly volatile, diverse, and bring a lot of resources to the table. There are even rare resources that you can enhance by building machines and buildings and boosting the multipliers. More importantly, each piece of land is unique, and you can customise it. There is a lot for the player to do.

Given the appeal of the ‘NFT Land,’ Tezotopia offers a chance for you to build passive income through automated mining while you can do other things. So, you’re not just buying some NFT Land that will collect dust in your collection. It will keep providing you with some returns in the form of resources.


Silks is a horse racing simulation-based game. You can own a rider avatar and various horses. All these are NFTs, and there will be many aspects matching the eSports industry, like betting. But how does that fit into the NFT land projects?

Silks is growing popular. It is becoming one of the most trendy projects, surpassing many others. That’s because of the mechanism that allows you to own land in the Silks universe. 

That’s right. The NFT game isn’t just about horse racing. You can own and transform a piece of land in the Silks universe. Moreover, with its growing popularity, it is certainly a worthwhile project to invest in, for NFT Lands, in 2022. 


When we received the Meta announcement, we started to expect something like a VR/AR life. A virtual world where we could interact, meet new people, and socialise. Decentraland brings precisely that to the table.

Therefore, it is one of the most lucrative options to invest in the NFT Lands. You can do a lot, from owning an avatar to properties. With such a versatile range of evolving potential, there’s no doubt that Decentraland will stay at the top of the list. 

Therefore, it will continue to evolve, grow in popularity and accumulate players. We can expect Decentraland to grow in value. 

Meta Mansions

A fixed or limited number of NFTs have become quite appealing to people. Of course, these rely on trends, but Meta Mansion works on this appeal. With 8,888 NFT Land in Meta Mansions, players will have limited options. Buying anything in this universe could potentially mean magnifying the price significantly.

Of course, it won’t be cheap to buy the NFT land in Meta Mansions. But once you do so, you will have endless potential. Much like SnoopDogg’s mansion, and concerts, you will have the freedom to do anything. You can use it as a collection display location or rent it out. 

You can customise the entire mansion from interiors to adding vehicles and much more. These customisations indeed make Meta Mansions worth adding to the list.

The Bottom Line 

If you choose one of these, The Sandbox should be on top of the list for its limited availability and endless potential. Tezotopia also offers enticing options. However, if Silks explodes into a trend, it can be an excellent short-term investment for 2022. However, it doesn’t hold as much long-term potential as the other two.

Decentraland is growing in popularity and stability and is an average risk investment. You could expect it to grow like the real world. The NFT Land value in this world can either grow into unpredictable margins or gradually. 

As for Meta Mansions, the project is ambitious. But if there is a lack of things, and if it just becomes another ‘showcase’ NFT, it can bomb. For now, it is indeed the talk of the town. If Meta Mansion links cross-chain and becomes widely available, it could be huge. 

With that said, these are all the best NFT Land projects to look for in 2022. 


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