Alien Worlds to Increase NFT Rewards with New Tools

Alien Worlds will introduce 6 new tools and 43 new artifacts as mining rewards for player mining efforts on the different planets. They will introduce these new tools as a way to balance the influx of new players and the available rewards. In addition the NFT artifacts will soon have more usability with the introduction … Read more

R-Planet Preparing for Colonization Development Phase

Players who are deep into the mining game R-Planet, will be excited to learn that the phase of Colonization has almost arrived. The generator, which allows players to combine elements to discover new ones, will soon introduce new elements. These ones will be required for colonization. Without going into too much detail, the developers posted … Read more

HodlGod Dropping More Toy Collectibles on June 10th

Game studio Onessus will sell another series of NFT toy collectibles for their competitive play-to-earn battle game HodlGod on Thursday, June 10th. Gamers who have 10 million VOID tokens in their wallet, will get early access to this sale. These NFT toy collectibles for HodlGod will offer two dragons eggs, 2 Immortal armor sets and … Read more

Boost R-Planet Lands to Own Plots in The Uplift World

Owners of so-called Swineland R-planet land plots can now boost them and receive a linked plot in the The Uplift World. R-Planet users do need to spend 5 million AETHER tokens on this though. The collaboration between the two projects is possible, because they both exist on the Wax blockchain. R-planet, a popular, staking and … Read more

Alien Worlds Adjusts Game NFT Mining Procedure

Alien Worlds has decided to change the way how a game NFT gets distributed to players. Instead of automatically being sent to the players, miners will now need to claim them manually. This change would safe blockchain resources, as a result not requiring lots of CPU and RAM on the Wax blockchain. Instead of continuously … Read more

Hodl God Genesis NFT Toy Collection Selling Tomorrow

Hodl God has announced a sale for their Genesis NFT Toy Collection, which will include weapons, armor, and dragon eggs! The sale will start on Tuesday May 25th at 2 PM EST. Anyone who held 10 million VOID tokens in their WAX wallet during the snapshot this past weekend will get early access to the … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Coming to Wax Next Week

Next week Dark Country will sell the first land parcels on the Wax blockchain. Gamers interested in buying land will need to be whitelisted. The presale takes place on May 25th through the Atomic Hub Marketplace, followed by a main sale within 14 days. The Dark Country land sale isn’t open for everybody. The first … Read more

R-Planet Overhauls AETHER Mining Program

R-Planet will introduce a new way to mine AETHER tokens on the Wax blockchain, as they will introducing mining pools. Originally they allowed users to stake assets from many collections, and earn AETHER based on the NFTs they had. However, now each project will have its own mining pool with a set amount of AETHER … Read more

Alien Worlds to Introduce Shining for More NFTs

Alien Worlds will introduce shining, a mechanic to improve the rarity of NFTs, to Minion and Weapon NFTs starting from Friday May 21st. They announced this in their blog. So far shining has only been available for Tools. Players can combine four of these same NFTs and merge them into an improved version. Together with … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Takes Place Next Week

Dark Country will launch their land sale on the Flow blockchain next week on Thursday May 13th. The first round of the land pre-sale will start at 3PM UTC, and a second round will start one hour after the first round. However, this will only happen if any land is left. Gamers who are interested … Read more