Play to Earn: How to Make Money in Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a trading card game that runs on the Hive blockchain and interacts with several others, and it fits the Play to Earn philosophy perfectly. Originally called Steem Monsters, this trading card game allows players to battle monsters in exchange for rewards. Players can level up cards by combining two or more of the … Read more

Gala Games Puts $1 Million Behind Town Star Competition

Gala Games is adding a whole lot more competition to their already competitive play-to-earn farm game Town Star by having a $1 million prize pool. During May there will be four weekly tournaments, each with $250,000 in prizes. When newly added NFTs for the game sell out, another $250,000 in prizes will be added to … Read more

Hodl God Introduced Fierce Play-to-Earn Battles

The battle arena game Hodl God now introduced play-to-earn mechanics that lets players pick up NFTs and raffle tickets from the battlefield. However, once these are picked up, the carrier becomes a target. Only the last man standing will be able to take the NFT and claim it. With this new NFT reward feature, Hodl … Read more

Revived 0xUniverse Now Introduced Artifacts

They want a bit under my radar in the past couple of months, but 0xUniverse is alive and kicking on Polygon, and now launched a big update with their artifacts. Players can now stake mined energy onto planets to find Artifacts, a valuable type of NFT. It’s a new DeFi mechanic that’s being added to … Read more

Cometh Adds New Mining Mechanism to Spaceships

Cometh has launched a new mechanism to their mining game, which allows rover robots to start mining on radioactive meteors. Spaceships themselves can’t mine from these special meteors, and therefore they depend on the Machinery attribute to drop a mining rover on the asteroid. Players can only place these mining rovers on radioactive meteors. Players … Read more

Fantasy Football Game Sorare To Cover National Teams

Fantasy football game Sorare announced this Friday that they will start covering football matches from national teams. Players who are active for their national team in for example the European Championship 2021, the Copa Libertadores in South America, or World Cup qualifications, will count in the weekly tournaments. As a result Sorare will hardly see … Read more

Play to Earn: How to Start Earning ETH in Sorare

The ability to play a game and earn money from it, doesn’t always come cheap, and that’s definitely not the case with fantasy football game Sorare. However, you can generate a decent revenue stream through this fantasy football game. So how do you start playing Sorare, what’s the play-to-earn mechanic and how do you start … Read more

Earn TOWER Token Soon in Crazy Defense Heroes

Animoca Brands has announced that their TOWER token will come to the mobile strategy game Crazy Defense Heroes later this month. The token is an initiative to add play-to-earn elements to an existing free-to-play mobile game. Crazy Defense Heroes follows in the footsteps of Crazy Kings, which introduced competitive rankings as a way to earn … Read more

Gamee Token Sale Sold Out: What is GAMEE?

Gamee completely sold out their public token sale earlier this week, but that still leaves us with the question how these tokens will work. What are the tokenomics of Gamee? They have done a blog post explaining everything quite in-depth, and we give a simplified version of that. GAMEE is a utility token for the … Read more