The Wolves of Rome (WoR) to Launch its Debut ‘Empires NFT’ Drop

On July 29th 2022 Wolves of Rome will emerge on the Cardano Blockchain with its first WoR Empires NFT drop.

The NFTs will be loaded with utility and feature 3D animated art linked to 6 core Empires in the NFT trading card game.

For the alpha drop, WoR begins with ‘The Empire of Wolves’ – a collection of 2000 NFTs, which are reminiscent of the glorious ‘Roman bust’ statues of fallen legends and gladiators in Rome.

Despite the game being under development, WoR has outlined a host of utilities that come with the NFTs, including redeemable items upon the launch of the game itself.

3D Roman Bust NFT

Recently, the game released in-game footage showing the advanced stages of its development, with high-octane card battles taking place.

Indeed, this is an NFT card game, but WoR is positioning itself as very different to its predecessors.

In terms of earning, WoR will be a ‘play-and-earn’ game, where the native Glorium token will be purely digital (not a cryptocurrency), and will mainly enable players to purchase card packs. In turn, owners will be able to mint, trade and sell those cards on the game’s marketplace as well as secondary marketplaces.  

Wolves of Rome Gameplay Trailer

Moreover, the game has insisted upon building a playable alpha game before selling a single NFT to the community.

Hence, the focus of WoR is not on monetary gain, but on a meaningful and fun game that the community can test before investing in NFTs and their $WOR token.

Following ‘The Empire of Wolves’ drop on July 29th, the community can expect five more drops, which constitute the remaining five empires within the game. They are: ‘Liches of Egypt’, ‘Vampires of Carthage’, ‘Barbarians of the North’, ‘Yukatek Lizardmen’ and the ‘Qin Dynasty’.

Wolves of Rome NFT Utility

Each of the six ‘Empires NFT drops’ will come with: a high definition, animated, unique 3D statue bust, a static render of the art, the lore book for that empire in a PDF booklet, an STL 3D printer compatible mini of the core bust from that empire, an MP3 of thematic music and the ‘Empires NFT Drops’ Whitepaper.

What is more, the NFTs will come with varying utilities and rewards, which are as follows:


The Empires NFTs automatically put you on the Whitelist for the following Empires drop.

Card Packs

For every Wolf of Rome NFT that is held in a wallet, the holder will be able to claim 1 First Edition card pack. A card pack consists of 5 cards, 1 of which is guaranteed to be rare or better.

Glorium token

Glorium is the currency of the WoR universe, it’s used to pay forge fees, gain entry into events and buy card packs. Holders of Empire NFTs will be gifted Glorium proportional to the number of Empire NFTs held.

Right: Golden Wolf Commander NFT, Left: Game Art

The Forge: Empire Shards

Empire Shards are a resource used in the Empire Forge to craft Battlefields (play boards) and Monuments.

Monuments are modular attachments to your play board (aka. “Arena”) that add a strong aesthetic flavor, but also can enhance your rewards if you are able to claim victory over your opponent.

In-Game Verified Profile Picture

Holders of an Empire NFT asset will be able to use any of their unique Empire NFTs as profile pics and so will be instantly recognizable in-game.

In-game Aesthetics

Empire-themed items like your card backs and your PFP frame and nameplate (how you are displayed on leaderboards) will be claimable to players that hold Empire NFTs.

Access to Tournaments

As long as a player holds any one Empire NFT, they will have free access to all Empire tournaments.

The Ultimate Collector Status

This applies to any person who holds at least one Empire NFT from every Empire drop. The Ultimate Collector status will unlock various benefits including $WOR tokens, which allow you to participate in integral governance votes, and access the Founders Store.

For more information about the Wolves of Rome, and to check out its full Whitepaper, visit

Become part of their thriving community and sign up for testing the game by joining the WoR Discord server


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