ThugCity To Drop 10,000 NFTs in New P2E Sensation

On August 12th, ThugCity will launch on the Ethereum blockchain with 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), comprising 9,000 Thugs and 1,000 Cops. 

Welcome to ThugCity, an innovative new play-to-earn (P2E) experience, which invites you to stake your Thugs or Cops in a strategic battle for supremacy in the City.

Initially in the game, the goal is to earn $BILLS and climb up the leaderboard, with the opportunity to earn daily, weekly and monthly rewards, along with community airdrops. 

The game plans to build a strong foundation of enthralling gameplay and rewards, with assets accumulated over time and eventually, exchangeable as NFTs. 

In the City, Thugs gather in their Safehaven and accumulate $BILLS in order to advance their takeover. 

In order to earn $BILLS, Thugs must develop their arsenal of weapons and succeed in a life of crime – risking $BILLS and earning rewards in the process.

 On the other side of the bridge, the Cops prepare for their battle with crime, earning daily wages in $BILLS and even rare Medallions when they thwart a crime. 

If you manage to secure a Cop NFT, you will be able to earn passively by simply staking your Cop at one of the various locations in ThugCity. 

Additionally, a Cop’s wages are 20% higher than the yield that a thug receives for staking, making Cops a potentially lucrative asset in the game.

However, should you excel as a Thug, you will have the opportunity to earn rewards through crime, which will be exchangeable for ERC-1155 NFTs in future seasons.

Indeed, the same applies if you’re staking a Cop and manage to procure a Medallion – that too will become a tradable NFT asset in the future of the game.

A P2E economy built to last

This brings us to the game’s economy. In ThugCity, to ensure that folks don’t dump all their assets onto the marketplace and sell immediately, the game has created a system for longevity. 

On this point, ThugCity said in its Whitepaper: “The ThugCity team aims to create a long-lasting, persistent project, keeping users active for the indefinite future.” 

“Many new projects in Web3 are built on false promises and incomplete roadmaps, however we know that the value behind our project comes from strong, long-lasting relationships with the community.”

“Therefore, we are introducing our seasonal reward system that will not only provide our members with tangible rewards, but will serve as a counter inflationary measure.”

Earn $BILLS to pay your bills, or fund your crime

After staking a Thug or Cop for some time, users will have the option to withdraw their accumulated $BILLS or spend these $BILLS on various missions. 

This is enabled by the ThugCity liquidity pool, which constitutes 75% of the 750,000,000 supply of tokens distributed in the game. 

Thus, $BILLS can be withdrawn and converted to ETH along the way, giving players the opportunity to liquidate their $BILLS, whilst they battle their way up the leaderboard and earn rewards. 

However, to really play the game and get to the top, spending your $BILLS on in-game assets would be advisable, as they carry a point value and impact your leadership position. 

Each successful crime committed for Thugs, and crime thwarted for Cops, will earn points and increase your stature in the game.

As for the airdrops, here’s a few ways to earn those in the game:

  • Weekly Discord contests (community-driven events such as best art, cooking, etc
  • Weekly airdrops for users who successfully complete the most missions 
  • Active discord members consistently participating with the community 
  • Users who mint 10+ characters on release

Finally, if you’re excited about ThugCity, remember that the mint date is August 6th, while the Whitelist mint date is August 5th. 

For more information, you can visit the website to read the full lowdown on this highly intriguing P2E game. 


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