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Jim Carrey Auctions ‘Goon in Moonlight’ NFT on SuperRare

Goon in Moonlight is the second NFT artwork from Jim Carrey. The actor/artist partnered with Big Head Club and his daughter Jane to release the multimedia NFT.

Carrey partnered with his daughter, Jane Carrey, for the release of Goon in Moonlight, multimedia NFT. The digital art, which was produced in collaboration with Big Head Club, highlights Jim Carrey’s talents as a painter, writer, and in digital animation.

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NAS Academy to Launch Web3 Learning Library NFTs

Nas Academy has joined forces with Invisible College, enabling ‘Decentralien’ NFT holders access to exclusive Web3 educational content.

Through the partnership with Invisible College, Nas Academy aims to empower students with ownership over their Web3 studies.

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