ArtSmiley – Innovative Art Marketplace for art lovers, collectors, and corporates, launching its Unique NFT art marketplace for Phygital works!!

Homegrown online art marketplace ArtSmiley plans to integrate their traditional art marketplace with NFT art marketplace with the option to buy physical, digital artworks or both (phygital), in one place with NFTs, this is a unique and creative solution Artsmiley offering to its community, which see a great benefit for both artists, collectors & corporates.

Dubai, UAE, 20th June 2021: Owning an inspiring NFT Phygital art is no longer just for the privileged few thanks to state-of-art shopping portal ArtSmiley (, operating since 2017. ArtSmiley is soon launching its first NFT art marketplace (, who envisions to be the multi-chain decentralized NFT marketplace for unique phygital artwork and rare collectibles with a goal to bring NFT’s to mainstream art aficionados.

NFTs are shaking the art world, democratizing NFT and bringing them to real art aficionados is the need of the hour. An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos.

Created with a vision to make art accessible and affordable to every community and provide a viable career to all artists around the world. Artsmiley’s multi-sided marketplace connects both artists and art buyers 24×7 from anywhere in the world. ArtSmiley is the brainchild of the entrepreneurial couple Aruna and Lurdh Allam.

The innovative Abu Dhabi-based duo wanted to offer a global platform for all the young and emerging artists wanting to showcase their work and help them establish a reputation in the competitive art world. At the same time, they wanted to address the problems of art collectors and investors who wish to generate a steady income from their investments.  ArtSmiley also addresses the problems of crypto lovers, who want to be part of a decentralized NFT marketplace that maps traditional art buyers to experiment on a mixture of physical & digital art, we call it PHYGITAL work.

ArtSmiley brings NFT based Ownership for both digital and physical arts using Binance Smart Chain to the largest multi-sided art marketplace in the Gulf.  They are offering a user-Friendly & Interoperable NFT Marketplace linked to our leading traditional marketplace and a large number of traditional and new-age buyers – making it a full ecosystem for everybody’s benefit!

According to ArtSmiley’s CEO, “competition focussed on building the technology and garnering customers, whereas ArtSmiley enhanced its technology by leveraging its existing, strong, and thriving ecosystem”.  Mr. Allam explains the key features that differentiate them from the rest are:

Knowledge of art markets — ArtSmiley, is a recognized brand in the Middle East that has partnered with art exhibitions and art fairs to increase our gamut of quality of art on displays. Blend this with our vast network of talented artists, art collectors, and corporate buyers.

Technology — what also sets ArtSmiley apart is the integration of the traditional and NFT marketplaces and the way the audience transact using smiley tokens on the platform. Indeed, they facilitate NFTs that are linked to real-world art. They also enhance NFT staking and art yields for rewards distribution from sales and rent.

End-to-end process — indeed, the way ArtSmiley seamlessly onboard artists and facilitate overall art curation and sales is the reason they have gained traction so far, and are going to reach further heights. Add to this the community voting via ArtsDAO and the enabling of advanced AI processes to match buyers with the art they would like to have, and you get a platform designed to provide an unforgettable experience for all parties concerned.

About ArtSmiley

Launched in 2017 in Dubai, UAE, ArtSmiley is a multi-sided online marketplace for selling, buying, and renting original and contemporary hand-painted works of art. Now soon launching region’s first unique NFT art marketplace that will be offering Phygital artworks using blockchain, AI-based technologies.

As well as being the link between artists, art buyers and collectors, it also provides specialist services to corporates, hospitality, and residential sectors. Advisory services include curation – choosing artworks from ArtSmiley’s selected artist community around the world to create the ambiance desired by a client.

ArtSmiley has gained a lot of traction with over 1500 registered artists from over 50 countries, 11k+ subscribers and close to 20k social media followers.  With the introduction of ArtSmileyNFT marketplace, they envision to provide all the following services to their Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) clients:

  • Sale of artworks both digital & physical
  • NFT Tokenization engine
  • Smiley Tokens
  • NFT Marketplace
  • ArtYield earnings distribution to the NFT holders
  • Online /offline exhibitions

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