Funding Round Raises $3.5 Million for Cross The Ages Expansion

Cross The Ages  recently closed a successful equity round of $3.5 million with Animoca Brands as the lead investor. Notable investors Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox and Nicolas Jeuffrain of Tenergie also participated, further solidifying investor confidence in Cross The Ages and its vision. This latest funding round brings the total raised by Cross The Ages to over $23 million, a testament to the company’s success and potential for growth.

Fueling Expansion Initiatives

The new capital raised through this equity round will support Cross The Ages’ expansion initiatives as it continues to develop its gaming universe and ecosystem. The company has seen significant success since launching its virtual trading card game in March 2023, with over 400,000 downloads and 148,000 monthly active users. 

In addition, Cross The Ages has sold over 35 million digital cards and minted more than 3.5 million NFTs. This level of user engagement and activity solidifies Cross The Ages as a major player in the gaming and blockchain space.

Cross The Ages’ achievements highlight the increasing convergence of gaming and blockchain technology, showcasing the profound impact this combination is having on the gaming landscape. By utilizing blockchain technology, Cross The Ages offers gamers a unique experience with true ownership and value for their in-game assets.

Cross The Ages Native Token

In addition to its successful funding round, Cross The Ages has also made significant strides in listing its native token on various crypto exchange platforms. Currently, the CTA token is listed on Bybit, KuCoin, GATE, and MEXC, providing further liquidity and accessibility for users and investors alike. 

With substantial funding and significant user engagement, Cross The Ages exemplifies the growing interest in blockchain-based gaming experiences and stands at the forefront of this burgeoning industry. As more investors show confidence in the potential of this exciting intersection between gaming and blockchain, we can expect to see continued growth and success for Cross The Ages and other similar companies. 

Final Thoughts 

The latest funding round of $3.5 million is a major milestone for Cross The Ages as it continues to expand its gaming universe and ecosystem. With a strong investor backing, a growing user base, and successful partnerships with crypto exchanges, Cross The Ages is well-positioned for success in the fast-growing world of blockchain gaming. 


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