Château d’Esclans Auctions Barrel of Garrus Rosé as NFTs

The wine industry is no stranger to innovation and evolution. From the famed Château d’Esclans in Provence, known for its luxurious rosé wines, comes a new partnership with the blockchain-based marketplace BlockBar. Together, they are shaking up the traditional wine auction format by offering a unique opportunity to own a barrel of the highly coveted Garrus Rosé through NFTs.

The Unique Auction Format and Its Benefits

Château d’Esclans will divide the single barrel of Garrus into four quarters, each available for bidding. Château d’Esclans is auctioning an entire barrel, with the top four bidders each receiving 150 litres, or 200 bottles of 750 millilitres, of the rosé. Once the wine is ready for bottling, each quarter barrel owner can choose their preferred bottle sizes. Options include regular 750 ml bottles, Magnums (1.5L), Jeroboams (3L), and the rare Methuselah (6L).

Each quarter-barrel NFT owner has the potential to profit from their investment. They can resell their NFT on BlockBar’s marketplace until June 21, 2024. By this date, owners must submit their bottling requests, specifying the total volume of 150 litres in their chosen bottle formats. Furthermore, the bottles can be stored at BlockBar’s facility for resale or collected from Château d’Esclans in Provence. If stored at BlockBar, the NFT will be converted to reflect the exact bottle sizes and quantities, including case sizes.

The auction for the Garrus rosé will run until May 31 at 10 am EST on Blockbar’s new leaderboard platform, allowing users to bid in small increments. Château d’Esclans is auctioning an entire barrel, with the top four bidders each receiving 150 litres (40 gallons) of the rosé. The bidding will start at $22,000.

Exclusive Experiences for NFT Owners

The four owners will have ownership and resale rights to their quarter barrel NFTs and receive an invitation for an exclusive experience at Château d’Esclans during the fall harvest season. This includes a VIP tour of the winery and vineyards, a tasting with the winemaker, and lunch with Sacha Lichine, founder of Château d’Esclans.

As an added personal touch, the barrel will feature each owner’s name and be accompanied by a photo taken in the barrel room.

Moreover, Sacha Lichine said in the announcement, “I’m happy to see that we have demonstrated the more noble side of rosè with Garrus, but if I’m being honest, the premiumization of the category is just beginning.”

Château d’Esclans’ venture into NFTs highlights a growing trend in the wine and spirits industry. Also, Glenlivet’s recent NFTs for their 50-year-old whisky and VIK winery’s tokenization of their produce also show how quickly the landscape is evolving.

NFTs provide producers with a new way to engage directly with consumers, bypassing traditional channels to enhance value and exclusivity. For collectors, these digital certificates ensure authenticity and provenance, creating a new marketplace for trading luxury spirits and wines.


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