Exclusive Sneaker NFTs Up for Grabs in MOOAR Box Season 2

FSL, a global gaming and development studio, has announced the launch of MOOAR Box Season 2 (S2), a cutting-edge rewards program designed to transform the NFT marketplace. This new initiative offers users the chance to win exclusive rewards, including the highly sought-after STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneaker NFTs, through a gamified engagement model on the MOOAR platform.

Gamification Meets Innovation in NFT Trading

Building on the momentum of a successful collaboration with Adidas, which aims to redefine Web3 fitness, MOOAR Box S2 aims to enhance user interaction by gamifying the trading process.

According to Shiti Manghani, CEO of FSL, “MOOAR Box Season 2 builds on our recent successful collaboration with Adidas and not only gives our community another opportunity to obtain the exclusive STEPN x Adidas Genesis Sneaker NFTs, STEPN X MOOAR Genesis Sneaker NFTs, and much more. We see this as a significant step in creating a more inclusive and enjoyable environment for our users.”

The innovative approach includes the FSL ID system, which rewards users with FSL Points for transactions made on the MOOAR Marketplace. These points can increase the chances of obtaining MOOAR Boxes, which are now part of a wider ecosystem involving several high-profile projects across the Solana and Polygon networks.

A New Layer of Engagement: The Ticket System

MOOAR Box S2 introduces a novel Ticket System, where transactions can yield MOOAR Boxes ranging from Level 1 to 12. The number of tickets a user can earn depends on the nature of the NFT traded and their MOOAR membership level. Moreover, these tickets not only offer users entry into raffles for exclusive rewards but can also be exchanged for GMT, the FSL ecosystem token, adding further value to the user’s engagement on the platform.

Additionally, the Referral Rewards system incentivizes users to grow the MOOAR community by offering experience points for both the referrer and the referred, fostering a more interconnected user base.

MOOAR Box Season 2 reflects FSL’s commitment to innovation and community building within the Web3 space. By integrating a diverse array of NFT and gaming projects into the rewards pool—including Adidas, Famous Fox Federation, and Honeyland, among others—FSL aims to create a unified platform that attracts varied communities. 


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