Honeyland Integrates Magic Eden for Easy Token Transactions

Magic Eden has recently announced its integration into Honeyland, a mobile blockchain strategy game. This union aims to refine the web3 gaming experience, making it more enjoyable and hassle-free for players. Interesting to note is that the Magic Eden marketplace is directly embedded into Honeyland, facilitating accessibility on both iOS and Android platforms.

Trading In-Game Digital Assets

Leading the industry forward, Honeyland permits players to trade in-game digital assets as NFTs using its native currency, HXD. This provision allows players to own and manage their digital assets directly. The incorporated marketplace anticipates fostering player-to-player transactions. Ultimately, this direct interaction will spur the game’s ecosystem’s growth and enhance the gaming experience.

Zhuoxun Yin, COO and Co-Founder of Magic Eden, conveyed his enthusiasm about being the chosen marketplace for Honeyland’s community, “We are delighted to be the preferred marketplace for Honeyland’s flourishing community of players and collectors, who are exploring the exciting frontier of web3 gaming and digital asset ownership.”

Corey Wright, CEO of Honeyland, also shared insights on the potential impact of this collaboration on the world of web3 gaming, “The NFT economy was once an exclusive playground for web3 enthusiasts, limiting its true potential. We envisioned a different future—a future where web3 gaming is accessible to everyone. By collaborating with Magic Eden, we’ve actualized this vision. This isn’t just a win for our Honeyland community; it’s a transformative move for every Solana project with a token and an NFT collection, fostering inclusivity and widespread participation.”

Honeyland 2.0

After the launch of Honeyland 2.0, which brought notable upgrades to the gaming ecosystem, players worldwide are invited to engage in an array of activities within the game. These activities include building bee swarms, participating in quests and PVP battles, and discovering the vast Honeyland multiverse.

Version 2.0 features a refreshed onboarding experience for newbies, introducing them to the new Gen Z Bee mechanics. This redesign sees new players starting with complimentary Gen Z Bees, with the option to expand their hive throughout the tutorial. While free-to-play players enjoy access to most game features, including breeding and upgrading, Gen Z Bees have a unique characteristic – they cannot be bought or sold. For transactions, players will need to secure Generations/Genesis Bees. Remaining free-to-play, Honeyland is now accessible in 100 countries.


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