Louis Vuitton Reveals Limited Edition VIA Tile Trunk NFT

Louis Vuitton recently announced the unveiling of their latest digital collectible, the VIA Tile Trunk NFT. This digital collectible was designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, who presently serves as the creative director for women’s collections at LVMH.

Inspired by Ghesquière’s trunk-shaped mini cube bag first displayed at the Spring-Summer 2024 fashion show, the VIA Tile Trunk NFT imparts a unique blend of innovation and tradition intrinsic to the Louis Vuitton brand.

Exclusivity and Digital Strategy

Offering an exclusive experience to VIA customers, the NFT has a limited availability of only 200 editions. It comes with a substantial price tag of 6,000 euros, reflecting the brand’s commitment to upholding luxury and exclusivity.

In a bid to align with the evolving digital landscape, Louis Vuitton introduced the ‘VIA’ program in June 2022. This marked the brand’s first major strategic foray into the heavily anticipated Web3 space. This focus on exploring frontier technology aligns well with Louis Vuitton’s digital strategy, following on from earlier partnerships, like the one with esports behemoth League of Legends back in 2019 and launching their mobile video game called Louis The Game in 2021, which released its first series of NFTs.

Innovations and Future Plans

The VIA project is a comprehensive platform that stylishly melds digital, communications, sales, and legal sections for better consumer engagement. This initiative masterfully merges physical and digital experiences, allowing the brand to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving fashion market.

In June, as part of the VIA project, Louis Vuitton launched the VIA Malle Trésor, a limited edition trunk priced at 39,000 euros. This exclusivity in product offering grants VIA customers unique access to high-end products and experiences.

A key aspect of the VIA project involves tying digital collectibles to physical products. Upon purchasing these digital collectibles, NFT owners are given exclusive rights to claim their corresponding physical product. Furthermore, the physical version of the VIA Tile Trunk is scheduled to be available for NFT owners in March 2024.

Looking Ahead

Louis Vuitton plans to release two to three such digital-physical hybrid products annually for at least the next three years. Their first product under this innovative initiative was the stylish Speedy 40 VIA bags, designed exclusively by famed music artist and fashion aficionado, Pharrell Williams, which was unveiled back in July.

Louis Vuitton’s ambitious plans reflect a strategic intent to blend the traditional luxury fashion space with modern digital landscapes, making it a brand to closely watch in the coming years.


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