Oasys Unveils Major Updates for its Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Oasys, a cutting-edge blockchain optimized for gaming, recently shared significant updates about its blockchain gaming ecosystem at the inaugural Oasys Special Event, one of the main highlights of IVS Crypto 2023. Hosted at Kyoto’s historic Nijo Castle, the event featured presentations from 13 influential gaming and internet companies, including major players like Ubisoft and Com2uS.

New Game Announcements and Partnerships

At the event, Oasys divulged a series of new collaborations and game announcements that have been kept under wraps until now. A notable partnership formed with Com2uS / XPLA will enrich the blockchain gaming ecosystem in Japan, with a keen focus on empowering gamers and developers. This collaboration will also integrate the highly anticipated AAA blockchain game, “Summoners War: Chronicles,” into the Oasys platform.

Moreover, Ubisoft, a leading player in the gaming industry, announced its inaugural partnership with Oasys. The collaboration will create a new Web3 game named “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles.”

Oasys, harnessing the capabilities of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain, represents a transformative influence on the gaming industry. Oasys helps game developers overcome obstacles in integrating blockchain into their games. They achieve this by creating a supportive ecosystem for the distribution and development of such games.

Updates on Existing Titles and Collaborations

In addition to the fresh announcements, the event provided updates on previously declared titles and partnerships. double jump.tokyo revealed its new blockchain game, “Battle of Three Kingdoms,” developed under SEGA’s esteemed IP, “Sangokushi Taisen,” with stunning artwork that caught attendees’ attention.

Furthermore, MIXI’s strategic partnership with Oasys has been thriving, with the joint goal of developing content that elevates social gaming experiences. MIXI’s proven prowess in fostering user engagement will make blockchain gaming more immersive and rewarding.

DMM.com / DM2C Studio also confirmed the release of their first game, “Coin Musume,” on their exclusive Verse “DM2 Verse.” They also unveiled info on a new title, “Kamiyagura,” and a movie for “Kanpani☆Girls RE:BLOOM”.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. presented GameFi content that infuses token incentives and gamification on Oasys’ unique Verse. Their ambitious aim is to make a global impact while addressing societal issues and offering earning opportunities to users.

Finally, BLOCKSMITH&Co. unveiled “QAQA,” an innovative vertical short video application, poised for deployment within their distinct “BLQS Verse” and Enish announced their plans to construct their own Verse. In alignment with this ambitious venture, they unveiled, “De:Lithe Last Memories.”

Innovations and Advancements by Oasys

The Oasys Special Event was not just about games and partnerships, as Oasys also unveiled its second NFT project in collaboration with Bandai Namco Research Institute. This project is founded on the concept of “AI lifeform X NFT.”

Furthermore, Oasys announced the development of a dedicated wallet for the Oasys blockchain, further strengthening its gaming ecosystem.

The Oasys Special Event has kick-started a new era of blockchain gaming. With its robust alliances with leading players in the gaming world and an impressive pipeline of ecosystem updates and titles, Oasys is on a path to establish itself as the dominant blockchain platform for gaming.

The founding of Oasys in February 2022 marked the beginning of an endeavor aimed at expanding mainstream adoption of play-and-earn models. The platform, directed by a cadre of blockchain specialists, entered the arena with the pledge of partnering with 25 giants in gaming and Web3 technology. The updates from the IVS Crypto event show that they are making good on this commitment.


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