Wilder World: Epic Games Store Welcomes the ‘GTA of Web3’

Wilder World, a massively multiplayer online metaverse, has made its way to the Epic Games Store for wishlisting, signalling a huge step towards its vision of becoming the first ‘GTA of Web3′.

Developed by a team with deep roots in the Unreal Engine ecosystem, Wilder World invites players to dive into Wiami. In this virtual city, ‘ancient wisdom meets futuristic innovation’. This decentralized world challenges players to confront the authoritarian FORUM, offering a story of resistance and self-determination.

Unveiling a Wilder Metaverse

Built on the pillars of blockchain and AI technology, Wilder World emphasizes a free-roam experience in photorealistic environments, making it accessible to a wide audience regardless of financial status, hardware, or location. As such, Wilder World aims to redefine the boundaries of the metaverse, creating an inclusive space for players to explore, connect, and contribute to the virtual economy.

Wiami, the heart of Wilder World, aims to expand beyond the confines of traditional MMOs, offering a Web3-enabled platform for players to engage in a myriad of activities. December 2023 saw the closed-alpha launch, with a wider release scheduled for later in 2024, according to the announcement.

Vibrant Economy

Along with photorealistic graphics, the game boasts advanced AI and a vibrant economy where players can own, trade, and monetize everything from items to avatars. This fully scalable economy aims to empower players, allowing them to derive real value from their virtual adventures.

Source Wilder World

The Epic Games Store is a platform with over 270 million users and 75 million monthly active users as of December 2023. According to the announcement, collaborating with Epic Games aligns with Wilder World’s commitment to quality along with its ethos and value.

Frank Wilder, Co-founder of Wilder World, expressed enthusiasm about the listing: “We’re honoured to be listed on the Epic Games store, setting the pace for next-gen gaming in the metaverse. Our mission is to create a novel experience using cutting-edge technology, offering players a virtual space for gaming, socializing, and earning.”

Wilder World’s expansion efforts include partnerships with Nvidia’s GeForce Now and SuperVerse, aiming to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 gaming communities. The project focuses on scalability, leveraging collaborations with Polygon and Celestia for blockchain infrastructure and Metagravity for hosting vast virtual worlds, ensuring a low-fee environment for its global player base.


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