UFC NFT Iconic Fight Moments for Ultimate Fans’

UFC Strike NFTs offer Ultimate Fight fans a unique way to collect the best combative moments from their favorite MMA warriors. This sports NFTs project allows you to collect NFT video clips of UFC’s biggest names, landing some of their greatest knockout hits.

The video clip NFT collectibles include, all your favorite MMA UFC fighters, such as Connor Mcgregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Isreal Adesanya and heaps more. The video clips are like a history of the UFC’s iconic highlights or moments.

Furthermore, UFC Strike will accompany each new round of fights with the release of a new NFT drop.

They released the latest NFT drop for UFC 274 on May 3rd 2022 and sold out soon after. However, you can now buy it on the UFC Strike marketplace.

Who owns UFC Strike?

UFC NFTs came about through a partnership between Dapper Labs and the company that runs UFC. You may know Dapper Labs through their previous sports partnerships. These include the hugely successful NBA Top Shots partnership with the NBA.

UFC itself shouldn’t need any introductions, with over 625 million fans and 178 million social media followers. However, if you have been living under a rock, UFC is the world’s most popular MMA organisation.

First drop of unique limited athletes huge success

UFC Strike company had its first drop on 23rd January 2022 and was an instant success with fans. The project made $6 million from the sale. It seems many fans want UFC NFTs.

Dana White, President of UFC talking to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, stated “It’s been unbelievable. Everything that we’ve put on sale has sold out in minutes.”

Furthermore, “If it keeps heading in the direction it’s heading in now, it’s going to be massive,” he said.

The windfall from NFTs will not solely benefit the company, as fighters receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs. Additionally, if NFT trends continue the owner of a UFC Moment may profit quite handsomely also.

How do you buy UFC Strike Moment Packs?

Dapper Labs has its very own blockchain named, Flow, so it is quite easy to buy and sell Moment packs.

First, you will need to visit Dapper and open a Dapper account with an email address and password. You then need to add a bank account with which to fund and connect the account. After that, it is a matter of being on the UFC Strike website’s Moment pack page when the next UFC Moment drop occurs.

Next, wait on the pack page. There you will see a ticker telling you generally, how long you may have to wait.

When it is your turn to buy digital MMA sports packs you are redirected to a payments page. Here you will pay using your wallet.

Once the transaction is complete, you can open your UFC Strike pack and become part of a community of UFC digital fans.

Each pack contains 3 moments from UFC fights of varying degrees of rarity.

Ultimate Fights NFT champion moments

UFC NFT collection rarity

As with any NFT, collection scarcity plays an important role in creating fan involvement. UFC Strike is no different and has 5 levels of rarity. Here we list the digital moments from the most common to the rarest NFTs.

  • Fandom: There is no ceiling on the total Moments
  • Contender: A mint numbering between 10,000 and 25,000
  • Challenger: 250 to 999 Moments minted
  • Champion: Between 25 and 99 NFTs produced
  • Ultimate: No more than 10 can be minted of the rarest digital MomentsUFC Strike Marketplace

Regretfully, you are not guaranteed Moments Pack, even if you are on the Packs page for the drop. However, if you lose out, all is not lost. There is a secondary marketplace where you can trade your fighter Moments.

If you like a ‘fight moment’ or spot your favorite UFC fighter on the marketplace, you simply connect your wallet and confirm the transaction. Bingo, you now have your UFC fighter Moment in your digital wallet.

Utility in UFC NFT collectibles

At the moment, when you start collecting moments from famous fights, you are creating bragging rights among your friends and helping fighters with their dedication to the sport. However, what excites me is what physical utilities can be added in the future. Such utilities could include meeting your favorite fighter or VIP passes to future UFC fights.

NFT knockout

Dapper labs

Dapper Labs uses blockchain technology to bring you fun games, digital collectibles and blockchain tools. The team set up the entity in 2018 with the intention of making access to the new Web3 easy for ‘ordinary folk’.

CryptoKitties, one of the first blockchain games is their creation.

Furthermore, Dapper Labs’ partnered with the NBA to make collecting some of basketball’s iconic action moments for fans. Collecting sports packs for all your favorite sports has never been easier. Dapper Labs also partnered with the NFL to bring NFL collectors, NFL All Day.

Additionally, Dapper Labs announced a partnership with La Liga to bring La Liga history to the flow blockchain.

Final Thoughts

UFC Strike and Dapper Labs are on to a winner here. UFC has a huge base and more fans will join the space. That, plus the prospect of future physical utilities makes this an exciting project. Finally, Dapp Labs has a proven record when it comes to sports NFTs projects. 2022 and beyond should bring many more great UFC NFTs to add to your collection.

Like any cryptocurrency-based investment, there are risks involved:

  • Volatility: NFT prices can fluctuate significantly, leading to potential losses.
  • Security: Ensure you store your NFTs on a secure platform to avoid theft or loss.
  • Technological dependence: The value of NFTs is tied to the underlying blockchain technology, which could face future challenges.

UFC Strike NFTs are currently available for purchase through the official UFC Strike website and mobile app. You can either use existing cryptocurrency or purchase them directly with a credit card.

Besides owning a unique piece of UFC history, benefits of Strike NFTs include:

  • Exclusive content: Access behind-the-scenes footage, fighter interviews, and early drops of merchandise.
  • Rewards and benefits: Earn Strike Points through engagement, redeemable for exclusive rewards and experiences.
  • Community access: Join a community of passionate UFC fans and collectors.
  • Potential investment: NFTs can hold value and appreciate over time, creating a potential investment opportunity.

UFC Strike NFTs are digital collectibles built on the blockchain, featuring iconic moments and athletes from the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These NFTs allow fans to own a piece of UFC history, with varying levels of utility and benefits depending on the type of NFT.

here are several types of UFC Strike NFTs, each offering unique value:

  • Moments: These capture iconic fight scenes, knockouts, and championship victories, allowing fans to own a piece of UFC history.
  • Fighter Profiles: These showcase individual fighters, granting exclusive access to content and potential future benefits.
  • Gear & Memorabilia: Own digital versions of actual fight-worn gear or memorable arena collectibles.
  • Utility NFTs: These provide special access to events, fan experiences, or voting rights on certain decisions.

The official UFC Strike website and mobile app offer a wealth of information, including tutorials, FAQs, and a marketplace to browse available NFTs. Additionally, follow UFC Strike on social media for updates and announcements.


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