Visa Launches Web3 Loyalty and Engagement Solutions

Visa, one of the largest payment providers in the world, recently announced the launch of its new loyalty and engagement solution – Visa Web3. This innovative solution is a significant shift in customer engagement and loyalty strategies tailored for digital and virtual environments.

Evolution of Loyalty Programs

Traditionally, loyalty programs have been stagnant and limited to earning points through transactions. However, with the rise of digital and virtual experiences, there is a need for adaptation to new consumer preferences. Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore, Visa’s Senior Vice President and Global Head of Issuing Solutions, acknowledged this need and highlighted the company’s efforts to revolutionize loyalty programs.

The Visa Web3 solution offers gamified giveaways, augmented reality treasure hunts, and unique ways of earning and redeeming loyalty points. Customers can now earn digital collectibles through various activities, such as buying tickets for sports events or participating in virtual treasure hunts.

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Partnership with SmartMedia Technologies

The development of this solution was made possible through Visa’s partnership with SmartMedia Technologies, a company specializing in blending Web2 and Web3 innovations. This collaboration allows brands to create tailored experiences and offers that engage customers through digital wallets. These rewards can be used for virtual, digital, or real-world experiences.

Tyler Moebius, CEO of SmartMedia Technologies, emphasized the revolutionary aspect of this collaboration in redefining loyalty and engagement. The focus is on creating a value exchange between brands and consumers, rather than just transaction-based rewards.

By leveraging Web3 technology, Visa and SmartMedia Technologies are paving the way for a new era in customer loyalty and engagement. This partnership signifies a crucial development in reshaping the dynamics of loyalty programs, with a customer-centric approach in the evolving digital landscape. The Visa Web3 solution aims to offer more meaningful connections between brands and consumers, catering to their changing preferences and behaviors.  


This launch marks not just a new solution, but a significant step towards building long-lasting relationships with customers. Overall, it is an exciting development for the loyalty and engagement industry, and we can expect to see more companies following suit in leveraging Web3 technology for their customer engagement strategies. 


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