Blockchains Rally to Support Japan Earthquake Recovery

Japan experienced a devastating earthquake this week, significantly affecting the country’s West Coast. Responding to the crisis, Web3 companies across Japan, including Astar Network, Oasys, and protocol studio Fracton Ventures, have initiated relief efforts, raising over $100,000 to support the impacted communities so far.

On Monday, the main island of Honshu’s Ishikawa prefecture was rocked by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake, setting off tsunamis exceeding one metre, igniting a large-scale fire, and tearing apart infrastructure. The quake has claimed at least 84 lives, with many unaccounted for. The damage was most acute in the Noto peninsula, with fire damage to hundreds of buildings and many homes in towns being levelled.

Astar Network’s Fundraising Initiative

In the aftermath of this disaster, blockchain communities have emerged as contributors to the relief efforts. Astar Network, a prominent blockchain platform, has launched a fundraising initiative to aid those affected by the earthquake. 

Astar has called for donations in ASTR tokens. After accounting for gas fees and taxes, the company assures that all contributions will be channelled towards emergency assistance and recovery in the disaster-stricken areas through the Astar Foundation and Startale Labs. Astar is committed to transparency and will share detailed reports on utilizing the funds and donations.

Oasys’ Charitable Donation Drive

Oasys, a gaming-focused blockchain, has also stepped up with a charitable donation drive in response to the earthquake. Recognizing the potential of the gaming community in aiding humanitarian causes, Oasys is accepting donations in $OAS, $ETH, and $BTC. 

The firm asserts that every donation, regardless of size, will contribute to rebuilding efforts and supporting those in need. Oasys has pledged to use all donations, minus gas fees and taxes, exclusively for disaster relief activities and the reconstruction of affected areas.

These initiatives by Astar Network and Oasys exemplify the burgeoning role of blockchain technology and its communities in responding to global emergencies. These companies are facilitating aid and demonstrating the potential impact of digital currencies in helping those in need. 


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