Empire State Building Partners with Uptop For NFT Rewards

The iconic Empire State Building in New York City has been a symbol of innovation and progress since its completion in 1931. And now, with the emergence of blockchain technology, the historic landmark is taking another giant leap forward by partnering with Uptop, a Web3 loyalty and reward platform. This collaboration aims to enhance the visitor experience by leveraging NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Avalanche blockchain network.

Transforming the Empire State Building with NFTs

With an estimated four million annual visitors, the Empire State Building remains one of New York City’s top tourist attractions. And to further elevate its status as a modern destination, the building’s managing company, ESRT, has teamed up with Uptop to introduce NFTs as digital collectibles featuring the iconic New Yorker emblem. These unique mementos not only serve as a reminder of one’s visit but also offer exclusive benefits to frequent visitors.

Uptop’s NFTs act as a loyalty and rewards program for visitors. By incentivizing loyal behavior, Uptop aims to create a deeper connection between visitors and the landmark. These NFTs offer customized benefits, such as free access to the open-air observatory, invitations to special events, and opportunities to experience the building’s famous Run-up event. Moreover, visitors can upgrade their Bronze to Platinum membership based on their loyalty and engagement.

In addition to the NFTs, Uptop has also introduced an ambassador program that serves as a new channel of communication between the Empire State Building and its visitors. This online platform incentivizes loyalty through contests and interactive experiences, thus maintaining the building’s esteemed status while introducing a modern influence. Visitors can earn points by completing tasks and challenges, which can then be redeemed for exclusive rewards and privileges.

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The Future of Visitor Experience

The introduction of NFTs at the Empire State Building is just the beginning of a major shift in the way tourists and locals interact with landmarks. With Uptop’s innovative approach, visitors can now be rewarded for their loyalty and engagement, creating a deeper connection to the historic site. This could potentially lead to increased tourism and revenue for both the building and the city.

Furthermore, this partnership between Uptop and ESRT sets an example for other landmarks and tourist destinations to follow. With blockchain technology and NFTs, these sites can offer a unique and modern experience for visitors while also maintaining their historical significance.


The collaboration between Uptop and ESRT at the Empire State Building showcases how NFTs are transforming the visitor experience at historic landmarks. By leveraging blockchain technology, visitors can now enjoy unique digital collectibles and exclusive benefits, while the building can maintain its status as a modern destination. 

This partnership has set the stage for a new era of visitor experience, where loyalty and engagement are rewarded in innovative ways. And with the growing popularity of blockchain technology and NFTs, we can expect to see more landmarks and tourist destinations adopting similar strategies in the future.

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