Warlords NFTs Hit $4.5 Million Milestone in Secondary Market Surge

Ubisoft’s Warlords NFTs have created a buzz among NFT enthusiasts and investors. Featuring pixelated profile picture-style heroes, these limited-edition NFTs sold out during their presale and public mint. 

Warlords NFTs Soar in Value

The Warlords NFTs generated over $4.5 million in secondary market sales shortly after their release, and it’s not hard to see why. The free Warlords NFTs were designed as pixel-style heroes, which are currently a hot commodity in the world of social media profile picture (PFP) NFTs. The NFTs originally sold out in less than 20 minutes during a free public mint at 4 pm ET on Monday. 

Post-mint, the Warlords were actively traded on secondary markets like OpenSea, with an average price of $560. However, only 7% of the total 9,999 NFTs are listed for sale, suggesting that most holders are retaining their NFTs. Holding a Warlord NFT grants access to the next mint of the game’s playable in-game characters, offering an incentive to retain these NFTs.

Warlords NFTs for Enhanced Gameplay

The Warlords NFTs are part of Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Champions Tactics. Unlike the Warlords NFTs, the game will be deployed on the Ethereum-compatible Oasys chain. The game offers a unique take on tactical RPGs, allowing players to build an army of champions and battle against other players. Holding a Warlord NFT gives players access to the next mint of the game’s playable in-game characters, providing a competitive edge over players without Warlord NFTs.

The Warlords NFTs were minted on Polygon, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Polygon provides faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum, making it an ideal choice for NFT mints. The Warlords NFTs were also minted under the ERC-1155 standard, which enables easy batch minting and interoperability with other games.


The success of the Warlords NFTs is a testament to the intriguing blend of art and gaming. These pixel-style heroes, highly coveted as PFP NFTs, saw their market value increase shortly after the launch, leading to impressive secondary market sales. 

Furthermore, the trading dynamics and limited supply, as evident on platforms like OpenSea, hint at a strong demand and a tendency among holders to hold onto these NFTs. Further contributing to their appeal is the access they provide to upcoming launches in Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics

The game’s strategic nature combined with the additional advantage given to Warlords NFT holders promises a captivating gaming experience. All this was made possible through the use of Polygon’s Layer-2 scaling solution, highlighting the importance of appropriate technology in making such endeavours successful. The launch serves as a prime example of the synergy between NFTs, blockchain technology, and gaming.


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