Epic Games Plans Expansion of NFT Games on Marketplace

Epic Games, the renowned developer behind the popular game Fortnite, is set to make a significant expansion in the world of NFT games. With a current lineup of five NFT games available on its marketplace, Epic Games has ambitious plans to introduce nearly 20 more in the near future. While Epic Games won’t be developing or publishing these games themselves, they are actively embracing the growing trend of Web3 gaming.

The Potential of NFT Gaming

Epic Games recognizes the potential of NFT gaming and aims to further explore this industry by introducing more games on its platform. The past year has been challenging for the blockchain gaming sector, with fluctuations in NFT prices and certain projects facing setbacks. However, according to DappRadar, the investments in blockchain games and metaverse projects have shown promising growth in 2023, indicating the continued interest and potential for the industry.

In terms of financial involvement, Epic Games maintains a cautious approach to NFT games on its marketplace. While publishers are responsible for transactions, customer service, and refunds, Epic Games closely monitors safety and security to ensure a positive user experience. The company remains aware of the reputational concerns associated with some Web3 ventures and will not tolerate any “bad behavior” from gaming projects operating within its marketplace.

Blankos Block Party

One of the notable NFT games already featured on Epic’s marketplace is Blankos Block Party, created by Mythical Games. This multiplayer party game offers a unique experience where players can explore a variety of player-created maps, engage in exciting game modes, and collect and personalize their own digital vinyl toys known as “Blankos.” It has gained popularity among gamers seeking innovative and interactive gameplay experiences.

Epic’s Approach to NFT Games

As Epic Games expands its marketplace with a broader selection of NFT games, it aims to cater to the growing demand for innovative gaming experiences. By embracing the world of NFTs and collaborating with external developers, Epic Games demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving gaming landscape. With its dedication to maintaining a reputable marketplace and fostering a thriving NFT gaming community, Epic Games continues to shape the future of gaming.


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