Sky Mavis and Foonie Magus Unite to Bring Apeiron to the Ronin Blockchain

Leading blockchain game developer, Sky Mavis, known for the Axie Infinity blockchain game, has announced a strategic partnership with Foonie Magus. The collaboration is set to bring Apeiron, a rogue-lite card battler and god simulation game, to the Ronin blockchain network.


Apeiron offers a distinctive gaming experience, merging rogue-lite card-battler and god simulation elements. Players take on the role of godly avatars, entrusted to protect the residents of their planet, the Doods. This protection is achieved through engaging in riveting card-driven conflicts.

Adding a layer of complexity, Apeiron introduces a tri-token system, which empowers players to trade and invest within its world. These strategic choices have tangible economic consequences. Notably, the system also enables for the breeding of Planet NFTs, echoing elements of Axie Infinity game mechanics.

Transition to Ronin from Polygon

Initially launched on Polygon in April 2022, with its first mint of “Our Planet NFT,” Apeiron is now transitioning to the Ronin network. Sky Mavis CEO Trung Nguyen expressed enthusiasm about the transition. He lauded the introduction of an immersive, blockchain-based god game into their ecosystem and acknowledged the extensive gaming expertise, both from Web2 and Web3 perspectives, provided by Foonie Magus’ leadership team.

Prospective players keen to sample Apeiron before its full release may explore the demo version available on the Epic Game Store. Further, a global mobile game launch is slated for early 2024. This release promises to bring with it a new PvP mode and a token launch.

Gaming Focus and Exponential Growth

Frank Cheng, CEO of Foonie Magus, underscored their choice of Ronin due to its gaming-centric vision and firm support for selected projects. Cheng’s objective is to cultivate an ecosystem on Ronin that seamlessly intertwines creativity, engagement, economic value, and IP success.

This move appears to be aligned with the broader community’s interests, as Ronin has seen a remarkable 300% increase in daily active addresses in just the last month. Sky Mavis had opened the doors for Ronin to select game studios in March 2023 to develop Web3 games, fueling the network’s impressive growth.


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