Project T: Axie Infinity’s Latest Venture into Social Gaming

Sky Mavis, the developer behind Axie Infinity, has recently offered a glimpse into its upcoming venture, Project T. This early prototype promises to extend the digital universe of Axie Infinity, providing players with new avenues for social interaction and gameplay. Project T is not just another update; it aims to be a digital meeting ground for both Axies and their owners. Moreover, the developers have introduced a new species called the Sapidae, rooted deeply in the game’s lore. However, it’s essential to note that the project is still in its infancy, with many features in active development.

Project T Features and Early Access

In Project T, players can undertake various actions that affect their game’s progress. One can opt to Sleep, restore their Stamina over time, or engage in Training to gain Energy. Two other distinctive actions include offering to Atia. This daily ritual awards various in-game rewards like food items and shards, and Gardening, where players can cultivate shards into complete food items with the help of their Axies.

Speaking of Axies, they play an instrumental role in Project T’s gameplay. Axies possess two key metrics: fatigue level and friendship-level. The former indicates how tired an Axie is, limiting its ability to assist in tasks. At the same time, the latter reflects the Axie’s affinity toward you.

As for early access, it’s limited to specific members of the Axie community, like Mystic Axie owners, Landowners, and top Origin leaderboard winners from Seasons 1 to 4. This exclusivity aims to fast-track development by gathering feedback from seasoned players. However, the developers caution that many features will look basic initially and will evolve with time.

Introduction of the Sapidae and Future Outlook

The Sapidae, the most ancient species in the Axie universe, make their debut in Project T. Although not much has been revealed about them, they have a history intricately linked to the game’s lore. The Sapidae and Axies share a past, once having fought side by side in the Blood Moon War and maintaining a special bond with the Lunacian land.

Source Axie Infinity

The future of Project T includes plans for integrating AXP and reinforcing the connective tissue between different Axie experiences. Yet, the prototype has a considerable journey ahead. Sky Mavis encourages its community to offer feedback and ideas, underscoring the developer’s commitment to crafting a game guided by its player base.


While Project T represents the latest initiative in the Axie ecosystem, it’s worth noting that Axie Infinity has been a significant player in onboarding hundreds of thousands of people into the realm of Web3 gaming. Despite challenges, Axie Infinity maintains its momentum, continually attracting a large user base eager to engage in this new form of decentralized gaming.

Project T appears to be a thoughtful extension of the Axie Infinity universe. With various gameplay options and the introduction of a new species, it certainly adds new layers to the already expansive world. However, it’s still a work in progress, and its true potential will only be revealed as the community’s feedback shapes its future development.


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