MYSTiC GAMES Joins Forces with WEMIX PLAY, Launching Two Blockchain-based Games

Leading global game developer, Wemade, has reached an agreement to incorporate MYSTiC GAMES, making it the first Swedish game studio to deploy games on WEMIX PLAY

A Growing Game Library

With over 9 million users globally, WEMIX PLAY provides nearly 40 web3 games, including the popular titles MIR4 and its sequel, MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond; the collectible card game Summoners League; and the farming simulation game Every Farm.

MYSTiC GAMES, renowned for their multiplayer mobile games, will introduce “Call of the VoYd” and “Heroes of the VoYd” on the platform. These games will be the first to offer full cross-compatibility in the growing ecosystem of MYSTiC GAMES built on their Catalyst platform.

The game “Call of the VoYd”, a free-to-play mobile-first cross-platform top-down ARPG Roguelite game emphasizes auto-aim precision. Players can collect diverse characters and items, enhancing gameplay with unique skills and abilities. “Heroes of the VoYd” offers an easy-to-play idle RPG experience, merging simple core gameplay with strategic decision-making. Players combat monsters to discover new heroes and distinct weapons.

In-Game Economy

In these games, players can trade, sell, or use in-game items to personalize their characters. These items are transferable between players and can be utilized in-game, staked, and even sold. MYSTiC GAMES utilizes blockchain-based elements VoYd Tokens, VoYd Heart, and VoYd Soul, which are fully interoperable and can be used across all current and future games on the platform.

The VoYd tokens and NFTs will be distributed across future games, playing a pivotal role in “Heroes of the VoYd”. They function primarily as an in-game currency, enabling players to level up their heroes. The games also include VoYd Heart and VoYd Soul, which allow for safeguarding gameplay progress by saving levels and unlocking additional game content. VoYd Souls will additionally facilitate an increased role in the MYSTiC DAO, managing the entire gaming ecosystem.

A Bright Gaming Future

Matthew Buxton, CEO of MYSTiC GAMES, predicts a future where gaming skills and time carry as much value as time spent working or engaging in other hobbies. He added, “We look forward to a bright future together.”

Korea-based Wemade, with over 20 years of game development experience, leads the once-in-a-generation industry shift towards blockchain technology. Their WEMIX PLAY platform offers an array of services, including exchange, staking, swap, pool and bridge, NFT marketplace and a Drops feature for developers to launch new collections.

These developments advance MYSTiC GAMES’ mission as industry veterans to create immersive multiplayer mobile games, putting players first and fostering ownership.


  • Mia Patel

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