Ramp Network Integrates with GFAL to Simplify Onboarding for Web3 Gamers

Ramp Network, a fintech firm creating payment solutions that link cryptocurrency with the global finance system, has announced its integration with blockchain gaming developer Games for a Living (GFAL). This integration is set to simplify the onboarding process for players in GFAL’s Web3 gaming ecosystem, enabling more accessible purchases of native cryptocurrency tokens using fiat currencies.

Ramp’s Integration in Decentralized Apps

Geographically spanning 150+ countries and offering 100+ assets, Ramp is extending the reach of the Web3 infrastructure to a vast consumer base. It achieves this through on- and off-ramp products that simplify digital asset trading with API-based tools. This enables decentralized application creators to incorporate digital asset purchasing directly into their products.

Source Ramp Network

With these products, Ramp aims to improve the user experience and reduce the complexity for users who no longer have to first go elsewhere to obtain their crypto. What’s more, Ramp is registered with the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

Ramp’s collaboration with GFAL is set to strengthen its position in the fast-evolving blockchain gaming sector. With blockchain games, players can earn real-life rewards through crypto and in-game collectables. However, users must obtain crypto to take advantage of these play-to-earn capabilities, something not always easily accessible to players, especially newcomers to Web3 games. 

Streamlined Crypto Purchases in GFAL Games

GFAL is a AAA-quality video game development and publishing studio founded by seasoned industry experts, including the former vice president of Activision Blizzard, Manel Sort, and the founding CEO of Electronic Arts, Trip Hawkins.

Manel Sort, the CEO and co-founder of GFAL, shared his views on the collaboration, stating, “Ramp will help GFAL make its vision come true, which is to promote an alternative blockchain games approach. We emphasize that earning income naturally accompanies the enjoyment of the game and contributes to a unique immersion. This stands in contrast to the prevailing trend in Web3 games, which often prioritize revenue generation as their main focus.”

Source Games for a Living (GFAL)

GFAL’s integration with Ramp makes its games more accessible to new gamers, allowing them to purchase crypto with 100+ assets available on-ramp and 40+ available off-ramp from anywhere in the world. Users will then see those assets deposited directly into their wallets, all without having to leave the game.

To make this integration work, Ramp will enable GFAL to offer users the direct purchase of $GFAL tokens. In a few clicks, users can purchase tokens using fiat currencies with payment methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Apple Pay, and more. This user-friendly approach opens GFAL’s doors to a broader range of gamers, not just those already versed in crypto.


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