Web3 Gaming Advances: Three Games Adopt Immutable zkEVM

The Web3 gaming domain is experiencing exciting changes, and Immutable has just announced three new games will be built on its advanced technology, Immutable zkEVM. This technology, a Zero-Knowledge proof-based scaling rollup, has been crafted specifically for the needs of Web3 game developers. GensoKishi Online, Cursed Stone, and Sailwars are charting this new course, merging gameplay with NFTs, and paving the way for a decentralized gaming future.

GensoKishi Online

GensoKishi Online is one of the games poised to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Immutable zkEVM. As a metaverse adaptation of the award-winning Elemental Knights Online, the game aims to bring blockchain technology’s benefits to its gaming world. The developers are creating a new, decentralized economic system within the GensoKishi Online world. Moreover, the game recently partnered with SYMBIOGENESIS, an NFT project initiated by Square Enix, reflecting the growing integration of NFTs within gaming.

Cursed Stone

Cursed Stone, a 3D open-world MMORPG, is another title that plans to exploit the possibilities of Immutable’s technology. One of the game’s drawcards will include dynamic NFTs, allowing players to upgrade and trade their in-game items. Even characters, complete with levels and items, can be traded in this innovative gaming world. The developers are also considering integrating Near Field Communication (NFC) with NFT technology, offering more ways for players to interact with their digital world.


Sailwars, a web3 NFT game with a naval adventure theme, is the third title slated to be developed on Immutable zkEVM. Aside from engaging gameplay, Sailwars plans to allow players to trade their in-game assets—such as heroes, ships, and weapons—as NFTs. Players can also earn rewards within the game, marking a marriage of blockchain technology and game design. Sailwars has been supported by 27 leading entities, including Disney China and Alibaba Cloud.

Source Sailwars

Features of Immutable’s zkEVM

With its cutting-edge suite of tools, Immutable’s zkEVM aims to empower game developers to build interactive, engaging games by enhancing them through digital asset ownership. Developers can access APIs, SDKs, and solutions like Passport and Orderbook on the platform, facilitating an easier development process and making it possible to create intricate, blockchain-based game economies.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, expressed enthusiasm about the growing adoption of Immutable by gaming studios. “It’s inspiring to see more studios embracing Immutable to really level up their game,” he remarked. Sorokovsky highlighted the significant advantages of this technology, noting, “This transformative tech offers game developers enterprise-grade security, massive network effects, lower development costs, and seamless interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem — putting web3 games on par with their web2 counterparts.”

Other Partnerships and Commitments

Immutable zkEVM continues to gather momentum in the gaming world. Studios like Shardbound and SimWin Sports have also pledged to build games on this platform. Beyond new game commitments, Immutable zkEVM has formed alliances with leading platforms such as AQUA Marketplace and GameStop. This growing network of partnerships demonstrates the platform’s acceptance and the wide-ranging enthusiasm for its technology within the gaming industry.

The easiest way to get started with Immutable is to visit one of the supported marketplaces, such as Immutable X Marketplace or OpenSea. You can then create an account, connect your wallet, and start browsing NFTs.

Gas-free transactions: Unlike the main Ethereum network, Immutable allows users to mint and trade NFTs without paying gas fees. This makes it significantly cheaper and more accessible for users.

Fast transactions: Transactions on Immutable are confirmed almost instantly, eliminating the long wait times often associated with the Ethereum network.

Scalability: Immutable can handle a large volume of transactions, making it ideal for large-scale NFT projects and marketplaces.

Security: Immutable is built on the security of the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring the safety of your NFTs.

Although transactions on Immutable are gas-free, there are other fees associated with using the platform. These fees include:

Protocol fee: A 2% fee charged on all successful trades.

Maker fee: An optional fee set by the seller on the marketplace.

Taker fee: A fee charged to the buyer on the marketplace.

Royalty fee: An optional fee paid to the creator of the NFT on each secondary sale.

Immutable is a layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs built on Ethereum. It offers gas-free minting and trading, enabling fast, secure, and affordable transactions for creators and collectors of NFTs.

Immutable is used by a variety of NFT projects, marketplaces, and game developers. Some notable examples include Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Immutable X Marketplace, and OpenSea.


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