Zilliqa and Racing League Aim to Turn Fans into Participants

Zilliqa has partnered with Racing League, the premier team-based horse racing competition in the United Kingdom, to increase fan engagement in horse racing. The partnership aims to combine the physical aspects of horse racing with innovative virtual concepts, all powered by Zilliqa‘s cutting-edge blockchain technology. 

The Future of Horse Racing Fan Engagement

The partnership between Zilliqa Group and Racing League signifies Zilliqa’s expansion into the loyalty sector. The collaboration aims to elevate the fan experience in horse racing. 

Ben Spivack, COO & Head of Partnerships at Racing League, discussed the company’s focus on fan engagement through innovative methods. He stated, “At Racing League, we recognize the importance of engaging with fans in new and innovative ways. Our partnership with Zilliqa, a leader in blockchain technology, provides us with an opportunity to heighten fan engagement, bringing an interactive dimension to our sport that aligns with the digital age.”

Web3 Fan Engagement Programme

The Web3 fan engagement programme, set to launch later this year, will introduce a range of interactive features for fans to participate in horse racing actively. From owning shares in their favorite horses to voting on critical team and league decisions, fans can be more than passive spectators. The programme will also feature prediction games with tangible rewards, both physical and digital, further deepening the bond between fans and the sport.

The Zilliqa and Racing League partnership also aims to bring fans closer to horse racing with behind-the-scenes access to live racing events, and direct interactions with renowned jockeys and trainers will give fans unprecedented access to the sport they love. These engagement opportunities are designed to create a deeper connection between fans and horse racing, transforming passive spectators into active participants.

The Vision of Racing League

With its team-based competition format, Racing League has been at the forefront of innovation in the horse racing industry, and Racing League has successfully drawn participation from leading jockeys and trainers. It aims to reinvigorate the sport for the next generation of fans.

The partnership with Racing League aligns with Zilliqa’s focus on the multi-billion-dollar loyalty sector, spanning sports, esports, luxury, and lifestyle. Zilliqa’s blockchain technology has already powered The Pride, a fan engagement programme for European esports team Mad Lions. With this expertise, Zilliqa is well-positioned to enter the loyalty industry by leveraging the potential of Web3.

Web3 technology offers a new frontier for fan engagement in the sports industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Zilliqa and Racing League are aiming to create new ways for fans to connect with horse racing.


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