Inside Web3War v3.0: Ranked Matches, Real Rewards, and Skill2Earn Dynamics

Roll1ng Thund3rz has unveiled the latest version of its flagship game, Web3War v3.0. This update marks another shift in how games are played and monetized, introducing features designed to directly enhance player engagement and reward gaming prowess.

At the heart of this first-person shooter is the introduction of the Skill2Earn mechanic, a feature that allows players to earn rewards based on their in-game performance. Unlike traditional play-to-earn models, Skill2Earn emphasizes the player’s ability, making every match a battle for supremacy and an opportunity for tangible rewards in Web3 Gaming

Source Web3War

Season 1 and Season Pass: Unlocking Potential

Season 1 of Web3War introduces a Season Pass system, a fresh approach to in-game progression and rewards with 25 levels. Players can stake $FPS tokens to access the Season Pass, unlocking various items, including exclusive skin NFTs, as they progress. This system incentivizes regular play and enriches the player’s experience by integrating the thrill of digital ownership with gaming achievements.

Another notable feature of Web3War v3.0 is the introduction of Ranked Matches. These matches provide a competitive arena for players to showcase their skills across the game’s diverse maps. With formats ranging from 1v1 to 4v4, players can engage in team-based strategies, further enhancing the game’s competitive aspect. Participation in these matches requires a stake in $FPS tokens, with the winning team taking home a majority of the pool.

FUS1ON Gaming Hub

Complementing the game’s update, the FUS1ON Gaming Hub, a launcher and marketplace for Web3 games built on the Zilliqa blockchain, has also received enhancements. It now has an expanded collection of over 10,000 skin NFTs, offering customization options. Moreover, the hub introduces improved functionality, including token swapping and transfers, making the marketplace a central aspect of the Web3War experience.

Valentin Cobelea, CTO and co-founder of Roll1ng Thund3rz, underscores the transformative nature of Skill2Earn: “We believe in creating a gaming ecosystem where players are not just participants but contributors. Skill2Earn is a testament to our commitment to rewarding the dedication, talent, and skills of our gaming community, ushering in a new era of interactive and rewarding gameplay.”

The launch of Web3War v3.0 looks like a great update, again showing the potential of Web3 technologies in reshaping the gaming landscape. By prioritizing skill, offering tangible rewards, and enhancing player interaction, Web3War hopes to set a new benchmark for future gaming developments.


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