Web3 Social Media Platform DSCVR Expands via Solana

DSCVR, the largest Web3 social media and community-building platform, recently announced its integration with the Solana Ecosystem. As a result, DSCVR plans to expand its tokenized communities and crypto asset functionalities to Solana’s rapidly growing user network. The timing of this integration aligns with the upcoming Solana Breakpoint event, an annual conference aimed at connecting individuals involved in various roles within the Solana ecosystem.

DSCVR’s Commitment to Growing Crypto Communities

DSCVR was established to offer a different approach to conventional social media platforms, providing users with a space for social interaction and community development, enhanced by built-in cryptocurrency features, revenue generation, and an accessible API.

Rick Porter, CEO and co-founder of DSCVR highlighted the platform’s commitment to fostering the growth of crypto communities and facilitating access to a wide range of Web3 projects. This integration with Solana will allow DSCVR to introduce its core SocialFi features, which combine elements of social media and decentralized finance. 

Source DSCVR

Users can link their Phantom wallets, receive airdrops, and engage in asset transactions. Furthermore, DSCVR’s launch will feature select alpha integrations, including Magic Eden and FamousFoxFederation. These integrations enable digital asset transactions within the DSCVR feed and user-curated galleries.

Highlighting Solana Ecosystem Partners and Launch Party

In the month following its launch on Solana, DSCVR plans to highlight its ecosystem partners through a marketing campaign. A different community will be featured daily, complete with airdrops, giveaways, and engaging activities. This initiative aims to showcase the vibrant and diverse ecosystem that Solana offers its users. 

Alexa Smith, Beacon Fund Manager at Polychain Capital, emphasized the importance of Web3 social platforms offering new functionalities instead of simply moving traditional social media to the blockchain. 

Source DSCVR

Smith stated, “For web3 social to succeed, it needs to go beyond just moving existing social media on-chain to providing net new functionality for users.” Smith went on to commend DSCVR for successfully addressing this need, saying, “DSCVR has been able to grow their user base by doing just that – enabling web3 projects and crypto communities to curate novel social experiences and transact directly on a social platform. We are excited to see DSCVR SocialFi expanding to new ecosystems.”

DSCVR will host an official launch party on October 31st at Soho House to celebrate the integration. This event will coincide with the Solana Breakpoint conference in Amsterdam.

With its integration into the Solana Ecosystem, DSCVR is ready to expand its impact and bring new functionality to Web3 social media platforms. The platform already has over 200,000 users. The company’s commitment to building thriving crypto communities and offering direct transactions within a social platform sets it apart in the rapidly evolving blockchain space. As DSCVR prepares to launch on Solana, users can anticipate an experience that combines social media, decentralized finance, and the thriving Solana ecosystem.


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