ApeCoin DAO and Forj Collaborate to Launch NFT Accelerator Program

The ApeCoin DAO, following the approval of Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP) 209, has announced its partnership with Forj, an NFT platform under the umbrella of Animoca Brands. This collaboration aims to introduce an NFT accelerator program, designed to bolster projects that focus on augmenting the functionality and worth of the ApeCoin.

Community-Driven Ape Accelerator

The Ape Accelerator program, described as a community-driven Web3 initiative, is set to be funded by the ApeCoin DAO. This program serves as a gateway for promising projects to showcase their business propositions to the expansive ApeCoin community, which boasts a membership of over 200,000 individuals. By fostering an environment of innovation and support, the initiative intends to elevate the overall utility and significance of the ApeCoin.

The genesis of the Ape Accelerator can be traced back to the approval of AIP-209. This proposal, ratified through the ApeCoin DAO’s Idea Proposal (AIP) system, was pivotal in setting the stage for the accelerator’s launch. The overarching objective of the $APE Accelerator is to fortify the ApeCoin ecosystem. It does so by endorsing and procuring the necessary funding for projects deemed relevant and beneficial to the community.

APE token holders are not mere spectators in this endeavor. The APE Launchpad grants them the opportunity to actively back these projects. This support can be manifested in various forms, including purchasing NFTs and other related tokens. Moreover, token holders are entrusted with the responsibility of casting votes on project proposals, ensuring a democratic and participative decision-making process.

Industry Leaders Weigh In on the Accelerator’s Potential

Harry Liu, the CEO of Forj, underscored the immense potential of the $APE Accelerator. He highlighted its capability to foster innovation within the ApeCoin community, signaling a bright future for the ecosystem. 

Yat Siu, the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, echoed a similar sentiment. He emphasized the community-driven ethos of the $APE Accelerator, lauding its alignment with the principles of Web3 entrepreneurship. Siu envisions the accelerator playing a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of online ecosystems in the forthcoming years.


The collaboration between ApeCoin DAO and Forj marks a promising chapter in the NFT and Web3 domain. With the combined expertise of both entities and the unwavering support of the ApeCoin community, the Ape Accelerator program is poised to make notable strides in the industry.


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