ApeCoin DAO Approves Ape Accelerator to Incubate New Projects

The ApeCoin DAO community has approved Ape Accelerator, a launchpad designed to incubate projects utilizing ApeCoin tokens (APE), reinforcing the BAYC and ApeCoin ecosystems.

Strengthening the Bored Ape Ecosystems

This move aims to enhance the worth of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection and projects linked with ApeCoin. The Ape Accelerator is not merely a project launchpad but an engaging platform that brings together ApeCoin community members as initiators, voters, and participants.

Community members, as initiators, can propose ideas for new projects. Voters, equipped with their APE tokens, then decide on the feasibility of these project proposals. Successful projects provide participants the chance to extend their support by purchasing NFTs or other tokens associated with the project. 

When these projects finally find their footing on the Accelerator, they will be fueled by ApeCoin, creating potential avenues for revenue generation and returns for token holders.

The Impact of Yuga Labs and Forj 

Yuga Labs first introduced ApeCoin as a governance token for BAYC holders. Since then, ApeCoin has found utilization in a slew of Yuga Labs projects, such as Otherside, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), CryptoPunks, MeeBits, and Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC), each leaving a substantial footprint in the NFT landscape.

A subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Forj, has been an instrumental part of the BAYC ecosystem since May 2022. With contributions that include launching a BAYC experience in The Sandbox, a virtual world that garnered 165k plays and 46k unique players, and showcasing the Yuga IP ecosystem map since August 2022 to amass over 2M impressions, Forj has played a pivotal role in BAYC’s growth.

The Future of Ape Accelerator

With Ape Accelerator, Forj envisions accelerating the BAYC IP ecosystem’s growth by offering a platform for NFT sales and distribution, and providing incubation and advisory projects on Strategic Partnerships, Storytelling, Tokenomics design, Capital Support, and Distribution.

Set to operate initially on the Ethereum network, the Ape Accelerator’s launchpad will have a tiered participation structure based on users’ APE stakes and qualifying NFT holdings, promoting inclusivity and transparency.

ApeCoin DAO and Community Collaboration

A key element of the Ape Accelerator’s promise is its commitment to involving the ApeCoin community in every step of the incubation process. By allowing ApeCoin holders to submit and vote on project proposals, the Ape Accelerator reinforces the principles of decentralization and community collaboration that underpin the ethos of blockchain technology. This inclusive approach promotes a sense of collective ownership and involvement in the growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Next Steps for Ape Accelerator

As the Ape Accelerator gears up to foster the development and launch of innovative projects, the broader ApeCoin and BAYC community waits with bated breath. The successful projects stand to benefit not just the holders of APE tokens, but also the wider NFT community. These projects represent new opportunities for creativity, financial returns, and community engagement.

The imminent launch of the Ape Accelerator represents a bold step into the future for ApeCoin, BAYC, and the broader NFT ecosystem. As we continue to chart this exciting journey, stay tuned for further updates on the ApeCoin DAO and the projects that will shape the future of Yuga Labs and ApeCoin.


  • Mia Patel

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