STEPN and Apple Music Join Forces

STEPN, a Web3 application developed by Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), has announced its second collaboration with Apple—integrating Apple Music into its platform. This move comes after STEPN’s first venture with Apple, which included Apple Pay in its app, setting a new standard for Web3 gaming platforms.

Impact on Web3 Landscape

The collaboration doesn’t just add a new feature for STEPN users; it serves as a commentary on the evolving landscape of technology. Fusing a traditional tech behemoth like Apple with a new Web3 application like STEPN symbolizes decentralized technologies’ growing acceptance and integration in daily life.

Yawn Rong, Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab, emphasized the user-centric philosophy behind this move. “Our mission at STEPN has always been to enhance the user experience. By integrating Apple Music into our platform, we aim to make the STEPN experience more immersive.”

Understanding the Apple Music Feature in STEPN

The integration allows users to play their favorite Apple Music playlists directly within the STEPN app, eliminating the need for an external music application. To utilize this feature, users are required to have an Apple Music account. Compatibility is not limited to iOS; Android users can also access this feature by downloading the Apple Music app from the Play Store. Additionally, STEPN has created its own playlist available within the Apple Music menu, a collection they plan to expand with community input.

Future Implications

Such initiatives are crucial for bridging the gap between the Web2 and Web3 worlds. They potentially ease the transition and build user trust in decentralized platforms. “In a world where change is the only constant, this integration serves as a beacon for a future where Web2 and Web3 don’t just coexist but thrive together,” says Jerry Huang, also a Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab. The STEPN team plans to work on new features and partnerships continually. While the integration with Apple Music marks a significant milestone, the team is far from resting on its laurels.


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