STEPN Integrates Apple Pay, Enhancing Accessibility for Web3 Gaming

STEPN, a prominent Web3 move-to-earn game, has recently introduced an exciting development by integrating Apple Pay as a fiat onramp for in-app purchases. This integration aims to simplify the acquisition of NFT sneakers and other in-game assets, further expanding the accessibility of the game.

Enhanced Accessibility for Users

With the integration of Apple Pay, STEPN has taken a significant step toward enhancing accessibility for its users. Previously, purchasing NFT sneakers required navigating crypto wallets and exchanges, posing challenges for newcomers. By streamlining the process and enabling users to acquire digital assets directly through Apple Pay, STEPN has eliminated barriers and created a smoother experience, attracting a broader audience to join their gaming ecosystem.

Shiti Manghani, Chief Operating Officer of STEPN, highlighted the impact of the Apple Pay integration, stating, “This integration is a game-changer for Web3 gaming. It opens the door to onboarding the next 100 million users into the decentralized gaming world.” By leveraging Apple Pay, STEPN aims to promote mass adoption of Web3 gaming, introducing a new demographic to the play-to-earn concept.

Benefits for STEPN and Web3

The approval of Apple Pay integration brings several advantages to both STEPN and the wider Web3 ecosystem. The exposure to Apple’s extensive user base provides STEPN with an opportunity to expand its reach beyond the Web3 community. This diversification strategy positions STEPN as a leading player in the blockchain gaming industry, targeting mainstream gamers and contributing to the overall growth of Web3 gaming.

Apart from the Apple Pay integration, STEPN has achieved significant milestones. The launch of MOOAR, their native NFT marketplace, allows players to seamlessly purchase and trade in-game assets. This marketplace enhances the gaming experience and empowers players to participate fully in the vibrant Web3 ecosystem.


The integration of Apple Pay into STEPN represents a notable advancement in Web3 gaming accessibility. By simplifying the purchase process and removing barriers for new players, STEPN aims to revolutionize in-game transactions. This collaboration with Apple Pay opens up new possibilities and accelerates the path towards mainstream adoption of play-to-earn gaming. As STEPN continues to achieve milestones and make significant strides in the Web3 gaming landscape, the potential for growth seems limitless.


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