The Power of FAN Tokens in’s Ecosystem, the decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, has unveiled the winner of its Creator Contest, marking a milestone in fan-driven content creation. Designed by Emmy Award-winning comedian Craig Shoemaker and renowned animator David Feiss, ‘Chickenship’ secured film funds totalling $10,000 after being chosen through a decentralized process.

How ‘Chickenship’ Emerged as the Winner

Out of thousands of entries, fans of the ecosystem selected ‘Chickenship’ by using FAN Tokens, a unique digital asset that gives users governance power over the platform. Lauren Magura, Co-Creator of and the VP of Entertainment at Ingredient X, described the mission behind this: “Our creator contest is a tiny example of how powerful is at garnering fan support and collaboration to greenlight diverse entertainment the world is authentically interested in viewing.”

FAN Tokens offer a shift in an industry often critiqued for sidelining fan input. These tokens, airdropped to early access users, facilitate fan engagement and drive a project’s Go Score™, which brings it closer to earning perks like funding and distribution. ‘Chickenship’, an animated comedy about a chicken crew unraveling the mystery of genetically modified Bitcorn, received the highest Go Score™, indicating strong community support.

The Go Score™ acts as a measures of a project’s potential for success. It combines various factors, such as fan involvement through token stakes, project reviews, and social sharing, among other interactive features on the platform. These elements are designed to forecast a project’s viability well before spending money on production.

Runner-ups and Future Opportunities

The contest was closely fought, with projects like ‘Absolute Zero’ by Bryce Hatch and ‘Saurus City’ by Nate Smith receiving notable mentions. Although they didn’t win the grand prize, participants in these projects were granted 10,000 free FAN Tokens to remain active in the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Besides, filmmakers who couldn’t snag the top spot have other avenues for support. They become eligible for grants from the Global Creativity Foundation. This non-profit organization champions the democratization of the filmmaking industry.

What are’s FAN Tokens?

FAN Tokens serve as a governance and platform token for joining and getting involved in the DAO and taking part in other activities on the platform. For example, FAN is used by creators to submit their projects as DAO proposals and by fans to vote on those projects by staking, which elevates the project’s Go Score™. advocates a new Hollywood landscape with these FAN Tokens. It aims to decentralize decision-making by putting the reins back in the hands of creators and fans. “A shift is happening in Hollywood,” said Magura, signifying the start of an era where people have the power to influence the kind of films produced and consumed.


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