AlternoNFT Empowers Digital Creators and Metaverse Users with a 3D NFT Marketplace solution

A Gateway for creators and businesses to produce & stock realistics 3D NFT objects for Metaverse

Cyprus-headquartered startup presents a first-ever marketplace, making access to 3D NFTs and their integration to Metaverse and VR headsets. It’s a completely new approach: by now, there are either marketplaces incorporated into the metaverses or independent platforms offering a very small number of 3D elements. This makes the startup a unique and self-sustaining platform, allowing any creator to produce 3D models and monetize them. 

Creators can upload 3D assets with relevant information and set their price as NFTs, after which they will be placed on a marketplace where potential buyers can discover, purchase, and import them into the Metaverse. After the current development, this functionality will soon be available via VR.

With 1,8 Million models available and 5 metaverse partnerships made by now, the startup is set to address the current challenges of unrealistic and empty metaverses, while facilitating the transfer of 3D models across platforms. It aims to enrich the metaverse ecosystem for all stakeholders, like metaverse creators, users, and businesses.

The current features:

  • Help 3D model vendors access the NFT market and monetize through digital art
  • Provide easy integration of 3D NFT objects to multiple metaverses and virtual reality headsets
  • AR/VR environment integration (e.g. Meta and Apple headsets)

Having a mission to bridge the gap between 3D creators and metaverses or VR helmet realms, the AlternoNFT marketplace introduces versatile business models centered around the utilization of 3D elements as NFTs. It simplifies and enhances Metaverse access for basically everyone, who can develop a virtual 3D object itself — and, in doing so, enriches the very fabric of these digital universes. 

The startup plans to collaborate with 3D crafting solutions, allowing creators to subsequently profit from them within the marketplace ecosystem. Such solutions are expected to enable access to the NFT market in an even simpler and more affordable manner.

For example, with the 3D Scanning feature of the iPhone, a user can monetize his or her everyday experiences or travel memories by scanning and transforming them into realistic NFTs right on the platform. The types of 3D assets are limited only by the imagination and technical resources available to the creator: NFT objects can be anything.

“We’ve established a platform, where 3D model creators, Metaverse users, and businesses that want to enter there could connect and benefit from binding the properties of 3D models to the NFT. It is a completely new approach, where we strive for a visionary and innovative path” — says Vladislav Danchenko, Chief Marketing Officer.

Augmented reality offers many additional perspectives for integrative solutions. The introduction of Apple Vision Pro headset the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3 with Augments (spatial digital objects that seamlessly blend virtual and real-world objects) underscore the surging demand for virtual reality elements, all of which the marketplace is uniquely poised to supply.


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