APhone and Magic Eden Partner for Access Pass NFT Sale

APhone, a leading provider of cloud-based infrastructure, has recently announced its partnership with NFT marketplace Magic Eden for the sale of their highly sought-after Access Pass. This pass grants users access to APhone’s virtual smartphone app, as well as other exclusive benefits.

APhone Technology

One of the key features of APhone is its cloud-based infrastructure, powered by Aethir. This allows users to access demanding apps and games without being limited by their device’s capabilities. This eliminates traditional development costs and compatibility concerns, making Web3 technology accessible to all users.

With APhone’s technology, users can seamlessly use their APhone virtual smartphone on any device – whether it’s a desktop computer, mobile phone, or even in virtual reality. This allows for a truly versatile and inclusive experience for all users.

The APhone Access Pass

The APhone Access Pass, available for purchase on Magic Eden, offers a year’s worth of access to the full functionality of the APhone virtual smartphone app. With only 5,000 passes available at a price of 0.2 SOL each, this is a highly coveted item for those looking to fully experience all that APhone has to offer.

Aside from full access to APhone features, the Access Pass also comes with 10 key rewards that can be redeemed for future token airdrops. This is a valuable bonus for those interested in investing in the potential of APhone and its community. In addition, Access Pass holders will also receive a 25% boost in Diamond Rewards on the Magic Eden marketplace – offering even more exclusive benefits.

Solana Integration

APhone’s partnership with Magic Eden not only provides access to the APhone virtual smartphone app, but also opens up a world of possibilities on the Solana blockchain. This includes over 500 web3 apps, games, NFTs, and DeFi protocols – giving users endless options for exploration and engagement.

As an added bonus, APhone comes pre-installed with popular games such as HoneyLand, Mighty Action Heroes, and Warpcast. This allows for immediate enjoyment of some of the top Solana-based games without any restrictions commonly found on traditional app stores.

Final Thoughts

With its innovative technology and partnership with Magic Eden, APhone is paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible Web3 experience for all users. The APhone Access Pass is not just an NFT, but a gateway to a world of opportunities and limitless possibilities on Solana. Don’t miss your chance to join the APhone community and unlock the full potential of Web3 today. 


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