Line Next Unveils “Sweet Monster Guardians” with NFT Integration

Line Next, a subsidiary of Line Corporation, a prominent Asian messaging firm with over 178 million active monthly users, has unveiled its latest addition to the Web3 gaming world with “Sweet Monster Guardians.” This marks the company’s second foray into the Web3 gaming sphere, following the success of their previous release. Drawing inspiration from the beloved South Korean character brand, Sweet Monster, this game promises a delightful blend of strategy, NFTs, and mobile accessibility.

The newly released “Sweet Monster Guardians” distinguishes itself by offering a seamless gaming experience accessible via web browsers on both PCs and mobile devices, eliminating the need for tedious client downloads. Players are immersed in the whimsical universe of Sweet Monster, where their mission is to safeguard their town.

Gameplay and NFT Integration

Gameplay in “Sweet Monster Guardians” involves deploying character cards strategically to fend off enemy attacks. A unique feature of the game is the ability to merge identical cards to enhance their skills, adding a layer of depth to the gaming experience. The inclusion of real-time multiplayer battles further elevates the excitement.

In an effort to foster engagement and reward the community, Line Next has introduced incentives for existing Sweet Monster NFT holders. These holders can link their NFTs to their in-game profiles, gaining access to exclusive advantages within the game.

For enthusiasts of NFTs and collectors alike, Line Next has something special in store. Starting from October 6, unique NFTs tied to “Sweet Monster Guardians” will be available for purchase on the Game Dosi platform. These NFTs promise to be coveted assets within the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

A Vision for Web3 Gaming

Line Next is not stopping at “Sweet Monster Guardians.” The company envisions significant expansion within the Web3 gaming sphere, with ambitious plans to launch a diverse range of games in the near future. Game Dosi, their dedicated platform, aims to create a vibrant community where users can own, trade, and immerse themselves in the world of digital assets.

In conclusion, Line Next’s release of “Sweet Monster Guardians” is a noteworthy addition to the Web3 gaming landscape. With its integration of NFTs, accessible gameplay, and ties to the beloved Sweet Monster brand, this game holds promise for both casual players and NFT enthusiasts. As the company continues to innovate and expand its presence in Web3 gaming, the future looks bright for Line Next and Game Dosi.


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