Metacade Expands its Gaming Offerings Through Polygonch

Metacade, a community-led gaming platform, recently announced a strategic collaboration with Polygon Labs, a prominent name in Ethereum-scaling solutions. This partnership aims to boost user acquisition, support the development of new games, and accelerate the adoption of Polygon protocols among gamers and developers.

The alliance is set to extend Metacade‘s reach to Polygon’s substantial global gaming community. Metacade’s CEO, Russell Bennett, spoke highly of the partnership: “This collaboration has always been a part of our goals, driven by our profound respect for Polygon Labs’ remarkable work and our shared passion for blockchain gaming.”

The Intersection of Gaming and Decentralized Finance

Polygon Labs has carved a niche with its Ethereum-scaling blockchain architecture benefiting the burgeoning GameFi sector. Their technology has effectively tackled the scalability and transaction cost issues that previously inhibited the growth of blockchain gaming. Polygon’s impact isn’t just limited to enhanced gameplay; it also enables developers to create games offering real ownership of in-game assets.

Source Metacade

Equally committed to uplifting the gaming experience, Metacade aims to deliver an updated UI capable of off-chain and on-chain usage. Moreover, the platform is expanding its game offerings to accommodate a broader range of formats, moving beyond its initial focus on arcade games.

Dennis Lavelle, Head of Partnerships at Metacade, said, “We’ll always stay true to our roots in arcade gaming, but embracing modern mobile gaming puts us in a significantly stronger position to capture a bigger slice of the gaming pie.”

Future Outlook and Widespread Adoption

Metacade and Polygon Labs’ shared visions converge on creating a thriving gaming ecosystem. Polygon’s existing network supports major Web3 projects like Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, and their protocols have processed over 3 billion transactions. Metacade plans to leverage this infrastructure to offer a gaming experience through plug-and-play community initiatives, financial rewards, and more.

This partnership highlights the intersection of blockchain, decentralized finance, and gaming. Metacade and Polygon Labs aim to shape the industry’s future, offering enhanced experiences and diversified opportunities for gamers and developers alike.


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