Deadmau5 Joins Mythical Games for Nitro Nation World Tour Launchda

In collaboration with CM Games, Mythical Games has launched the Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT) on Android and iOS platforms. This new mobile racing game features a range of modes, such as real-time PvP races, tournaments, seasonal play, and even a campaign mode with an immersive storyline and characters. Licensed cars from top manufacturers like Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Pagani are digitally owned by players, with McLaren Automotive headlining season one.

Multiple Collaborations Amplify Game’s Appeal

Besides CM Games, Mythical has partnered with electronic musician and car enthusiast deadmau5 for the game’s launch. Deadmau5 will be part of the in-game World Tour festival during the first season, offering players a chance to compete for an exclusive deadmau5-themed car. “I’ve always loved living on the cutting edge of technology, and I’m proud to be a partner and launch the game during my upcoming Day of the deadmau5 shows,” stated deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman).

Jamie Jackson, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mythical Games, also expressed excitement about these collaborations. “It’s been exciting to work with great partners such as CM Games, McLaren Automotive, and deadmau5 to help us launch Nitro Nation World Tour,” he said.

Technological Innovation and Community Involvement

Nitro Nation World Tour integrates digital collectibles and social networking features. Players can purchase, hold, or trade NFTs like cars and workshops. Furthermore, the game features a Social Club where players collaborate towards shared goals.

Built on the Mythos blockchain gaming ecosystem and powered by MYTH, Mythical’s native governance token, NNWT aims to democratize games by allowing players and creators to engage more deeply with the game’s value chain. Nitro Nation World Tour is a new venture that melds the excitement of mobile racing with digital ownership and community participation. Multiple partnerships and technological integrations add another layer to the evolving landscape of gaming and digital assets.

Source Nitro Nation

From Web to Mobile: The Shift in NFT Purchasing Options

In August, Mythical Games added a new feature to its licensed mobile football game, NFL Rivals, enabling players to buy NFT player cards directly through iOS and Android apps. Before this update, this buying option was only available on Mythical’s web-based marketplace. The move to mobile platforms is expected to improve user engagement and experience.

This feature is accessible to players who have attained user level 4 or above in the game, intending to streamline transactions. To smooth out the transaction process, Mythical Games has rolled out an in-game currency called Credits. Players can acquire Credits using real-world money, serving as a convenient intermediary for purchases and offering a standardized method of exchange within the game.


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