PUBG Creator Krafton Unveils New NFT Game Overdare

South Korean gaming giant Krafton, acclaimed for its worldwide success with PUBG, has declared its foray into the NFT-integrated metaverse gaming landscape with its latest initiative, Overdare. Formerly titled “Project Migaloo,” this game is slated for a preliminary debut in December, with the full launch earmarked for the period between January and July of 2024. Notably, Krafton has introduced an exclusive blockchain system, Settlus, precisely designed for Overdare. The platform, expected to be on mobile, draws parallels with Roblox, and will harness the power of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.

Krafton’s Vision for Overdare 

Overdare is set to equip creators with generative AI instruments. This will capacitate them to forge diverse game categories, ranging from sharpshooting to intricate role-playing narratives. Beyond the gaming realm, Overdare will cater to the social dimension, letting users concoct bespoke avatars and indulge in simulated interactions. An introductory trailer offers glimpses of an extensive virtual universe. Here, gamers can leverage AI tools for intricate game and backdrop designs, dive into myriad user-spawned games, witness live virtual musical showcases, and modify their digital representations.

Collaboration and the NFT Game Economy 

Krafton initially pulled back the curtains on this venture in alliance with Naver Z, a company with expertise in augmented reality technology. However, the current equity distribution reveals Krafton’s dominant 85% share in Overdare, leaving Naver Z with a 15% stake. Overdare’s distinct “create-to-earn” economic model will facilitate players to exchange virtual in-game assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To fortify this mechanism, both Krafton and Naver Z have entrusted the Settlus blockchain to govern Overdare’s in-game economic system. An added incentive for players is the chance to accrue returns in Coinbase and Circle’s USDC stablecoin via the Settlus blockchain, a feature highlighted during the Korea Blockchain Week congregation.

Challenges and the Future of Overdare 

Combining NFTs with blockchain in gaming opens new opportunities. However, it also brings challenges. Krafton is actively working to solve issues, such as changing token prices, which could affect gamers. As the gaming community looks forward to Overdare, it shows how important NFTs and blockchain have become in gaming. Krafton must address these challenges to make Overdare successful and provide a good experience for its users.


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