OVERDARE and Circle Forge New Path to Empower Game Creators

OVERDARE, supported by industry leaders KRAFTON and NAVER Z, has partnered with Circle Internet Financial, the company behind USDC, the world’s foremost regulated US dollar-backed stablecoin. 

This joint venture is designed to innovate the mobile gaming sector for user-generated content, thanks to Circle’s Programmable Wallets. This technology aims to simplify the creation of secure in-game Web3 wallets for game content creators, enabling them to receive direct USDC payouts.

Enhancing Creator Ecosystems with Blockchain Technology

The collaboration centres around OVERDARE’s mobile gaming platform, offering AI tools that promise a richer gaming experience for players and creators. Moreover, the introduction of ‘OVERDARE Studio’ brings a suite of PC-based tools for creators to customize gaming experiences within the platform. OVERDARE intends to bring a Roblox-style game creation experience to players in a broad open-world metaverse.

To support its focus on creators, OVERDARE is integrating the Settlus network to facilitate the licensing of interactive content. This allows creators to establish asset ownership, license, and monetize their work on the blockchain. Settlus, part of the Cosmos ecosystem, enhances interoperability between blockchains and maintains a detailed record of digital asset transactions, leading to a more transparent and scalable model for creator revenue distribution.

Henry Park, CEO of OVERDARE, expressed enthusiasm about their collaboration with Circle, highlighting the company’s reputation for regulatory compliance and reliability. “We’re excited to unveil our partnership with Circle, a company distinguished by its regulatory compliance and trustworthiness. Their robust support ensures that we can support the creator economy and guarantee creators reliable access to their earnings,” Park said.

Empowering Creators with Programmable Wallets and USDC

Furthermore, OVERDARE, Inc. aims to redefine IP and income management for creators by introducing Circle’s Programmable Wallets for IP trading and USDC payouts. This initiative hopes to make it easier for creators to transition from Web2 to Web3 platforms, focusing on user-friendly asset management and secure transactions, thereby unlocking new opportunities in the expanding metaverse and gaming sectors.

Additionally, to boost the creator economy, OVERDARE has adopted USDC as an alternative for creators to earn revenue and settle transactions. This provides creators worldwide with lower settlement fees and the convenience of nearly instant payment processing, allowing them access to their earnings whenever needed.

Overall, the partnership between OVERDARE and Circle represents a significant advancement in the mobile UGC gaming sector, offering creators new opportunities in the rapidly growing areas of gaming and the metaverse.


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