Sorare Unveils 3D and AR Player Cards

Sorare, the Web 3.0 fantasy soccer game, has announced the incorporation of officially licensed 3D and augmented reality (AR) player cards into its platform. This update augments the visual appeal and interactivity of the cards, creating a treat for fans and potentially increasing their value.

The initial set of these enhanced cards showcases Premier League luminaries such as Erling Haaland, Marcus Rashford, and Bukayo Saka. These cards will feature new player headshots, vibrant backgrounds, and diverse color schemes. As Sorare unfolds this phase, they envisage these revamped cards becoming the norm across their game, which encompasses licenses for various renowned leagues, including the English Premier League, Spain’s LaLiga, Germany’s Bundesliga, and Italy’s Serie A.

Aiming for a Richer User Experience

Transitioning to the user experience aspect, Sorare Managers are expected to enjoy a heightened level of interaction with these 3D cards through the Sorare App. This feature will facilitate users to engage with the cards in real-world environments, be it while watching matches in a stadium or enjoying games at home with friends. The AR cards look fantastic. Furthermore, Sorare is hosting an inaugural auction for these cards on its marketplace starting September 13.

Beyond the 3D cards, Sorare aims to create active participation this season by tweaking the reward structure for long and short-format competitions. Starting in September, Sorare Managers engaging in Global All-Star competitions can compete in short or long-format leaderboards.

Additionally, they are developing a fresh ‘Kick-Off’ game mode, slated to make its first appearance on their mobile app. This forthcoming feature promises to deliver a fast-paced, social, and mobile-centric experience, allowing users to engage in daily specific match modes with or against their acquaintances, making every day a new opportunity for friendly competition.

Source Sorare

Stepping Towards Inclusivity and Simplified Transactions

In a move towards inclusivity, Sorare modified its payment infrastructure in July, facilitating users to complete cash transactions, shifting from the earlier cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum (ETH) based transactions. This change is designed to remove the barriers associated with the complexities of the crypto world, attracting a broader user base who can now easily engage with the fantasy sports trading cards that Sorare offers without navigating the often complex crypto landscape.

In conclusion, this initiative by Sorare is a stride towards enhancing user engagement and broadening its community base by including more interactive player cards and simplified transaction methods. It represents a blend of technology and gaming, aiming to offer soccer enthusiasts worldwide an enjoyable experience and is also helping to bring Web3 to a wider audience.


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