Snoop Dogg and Skechers Release New Dr. Bombay Inspired Collection

Internationally acclaimed rapper and entertainer Snoop Dogg has once again joined forces with global footwear giant Skechers. The new collection, drawing inspiration from Snoop’s Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT named Dr. Bombay, was unveiled on Skechers’ website last week. Below, we explore the details of this new collection, its inspirations, and the implications for both the fashion and NFT industry.

The Dr. Bombay Collection

The fresh lineup comes as a fusion of streetwear sensibilities with imagery and patterns inspired by Snoop Dogg’s illustrious career and his connection to the NFT space. The collection includes a wide array of streetwear silhouettes, all adorned with playful imagery of Dr. Bombay, his beloved BAYC NFT, and other symbols resonant with the rapper’s professional journey.

Among the standout pieces is an updated version of Skechers Uno, now featuring leopard print laces and an imprint of Dr. Bombay. The collection extends beyond footwear, with the Collector’s Edition Capsule capturing attention.

Snoop’s Exploration into the World of NFTs

Snoop Dogg’s new collaboration with Skechers is not his first venture into the world of NFTs. He has been a prominent figure in the NFT space, owning numerous NFTs including his Bored Ape named Dr. Bombay. This latest collaboration signals a growing intersection between celebrity, fashion, and NFT culture.

The collection follows the OG Capsule that launched on August 1, indicating a sustained partnership between Skechers and Snoop Dogg. It aligns with the broader trend of celebrities leveraging their influence in both traditional and digital spaces, exemplified by the artist’s collaboration with Happi Co. for a line of ice cream also named Dr. Bombay.

Implications for the Fashion and NFT Industry

Snoop Dogg’s new collection with Skechers can be seen as a symbol of how the NFT movement is permeating various aspects of modern culture. By incorporating visual elements of his NFT into a fashion line, the rapper seamlessly connects the digital and physical worlds.

Furthermore, this collaboration showcases how NFTs are more than digital collectibles; they are becoming a part of lifestyle branding. The Dr. Bombay collection’s release demonstrates the potential for NFTs to expand beyond the confines of digital art and into broader cultural expressions, offering a glimpse into the evolving relationship between digital assets and real-world products.


Snoop Dogg’s second collaboration with Skechers, inspired by his BAYC NFT Dr. Bombay, marks an exciting chapter in the convergence of fashion, celebrity culture, and the growing NFT space

As both the NFT market and collaborations like this continue to flourish, observers can expect further intertwining of these domains, reflecting the ever-changing dynamics of modern culture and commerce. 

The collection is now available on Skechers’ website, providing enthusiasts with a tangible connection to one of the most talked-about phenomena in the digital age.


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