NFTs and the Changing the Face of Thai Tourism

Thailand has always been a coveted tourist destination. The nation’s central bank forecasts that 28 million tourists will visit the country this year, nearly matching the 2015 count when almost 30 million explored the Land of Smiles. Now, it’s integrating NFT and Web3 technology into its tourism strategy.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, under its recognizable mascot “Nong Sukjai“, has ventured into the realm of blockchain and NFTs. By offering these NFTs to tourists, they introduce them to the vibrant Thai culture and aim to provide tangible benefits to enhance their travel experience.

NFTs in Thai Tourism 

SUKJAI SMART TRAVEL kicked off with gusto. The first phase saw 5,550 “Sukjai Songkran Edition 2023” NFTs distributed at five prominent Songkran venues. Over 20 artists jumped on board, contributing to the distribution of an additional 29,000 NFTs. By the end of this phase, a commendable 34,478 NFTs found their way to recipients. The subsequent stage extended the project’s reach. Local partners from five major Thai tourist cities joined the initiative, adding 75,818 “Sukjai Community Edition 2023” NFTs to the tally.


The project’s horizons are expanding. With plans to distribute NFTs more widely, there’s a keen interest in catapulting the “Sukjai” mascot and Thailand’s attractions to global recognition. The Amazing Thailand-Craft Your Journey Consumer Fair is an upcoming event to watch out for, scheduled from August 24-27, 2023, at Suntec City Mall, Singapore.

The “Delicious, Travel, Use Sukjai Smart Travel TOP1000” campaign, a big stride for the project, has formed collaborations with major entities like the Tourism Industry Council of Thailand, UOB, and O2O. With over 1,000 participating tourism guides in Bangkok and other cities, the campaign focuses on marketing activities to boost tourist numbers and the overall potential of stakeholders in the tourism sector. Moreover, platforms like Tripster, which operate on Web3 technology, are set to offer additional advantages to NFT holders.

Expanding Horizons: Focus on Secondary Tourism 

Sukjai Smart Travel’s upcoming phase promises more unique Thai activities. The project seeks to bolster Thailand’s soft power from the blockchain-driven Jaothui project, which emphasizes the conservation of Thai buffaloes, to platforms like FANDOM and the Miss Thai Beauty pageant. There’s also a conscientious approach towards conservation tourism and initiatives focusing on pressing issues like the Biodiversity Crisis in Thailand.

Moreover, Central Group, Jaymart, and Bird Express are some Thai business giants lending their support. They’re set to provide a plethora of benefits to Sukjai NFT holders. On the tech front, collaborations are in place with Om Platform, known for its Digital Wallet, and Big Bang Theory, which specializes in the Metaverse As A Service (MaaS) platform.

According to Mr. Nares Laopannarai, Director of Crypto City Connext and the project manager of SUKJAI SMART TRAVEL, the next phase is slated to commence in the year’s fourth quarter. He expressed, “The next phase of SUKJAI SMART TRAVEL is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year and will be a long-term project to promote tourism operators as well as tourism communities nationwide to use Web3 technology to stimulate tourism to grow sustainably. We are happy to open to partners from all sectors to support the project in all dimensions.”

The SUKJAI SMART TRAVEL initiative is not just about innovative tourism marketing; it represents Thailand’s commitment to future-ready solutions. With Web3 technology becoming more pervasive, Thailand’s approach could assure its continued prominence in global tourism.


NFTs are making waves, and the travel industry is no exception. As we see from new projects entering the space, travel experiences are getting a digital upgrade. Imagine having exclusive travel perks or digital mementos from your adventures, all thanks to NFTs. These aren’t just digital collectibles; they’re reshaping how we experience and remember our journeys.


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