Eyeball Pool Launches on Immutable zkEVM

Eyeball Pool, a highly anticipated pool game with a Web3 twist, is set to launch in Q1 2024 on the Immutable zkEVM scaling network. Developed in partnership with Polygon and industry veterans from Miniclip, the game aims to transform the way players interact with pool games.

Building a New Era of Pool Gaming

Eyeball Pool is being developed with the expertise of Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard, who were part of the original team behind the massively popular 8 Ball Pool game. With over 1 billion downloads, 8 Ball Pool has created vibrant communities of dedicated players. Eyeball Pool aims to enhance the player experience by introducing unique pool cues and the potential for in-game tokens.

Shifting to Immutable zkEVM for Full Launch

Initially built on the Cronos blockchain network, Eyeball Games made the strategic decision to shift Eyeball Pool to Immutable zkEVM as it approaches its full launch. Immutable’s strong gaming focus and partnership with Polygon made it an ideal choice for the development team.

Eyeball Games CEO Jonathan Ivarsson expressed his vision for Eyeball Pool, stating that the goal is to create an in-game ecosystem that aligns with the vibrant communities and deep player dedication found in pool games. The company aims to fundamentally change the way players engage with the game and foster a sense of community, skill-sharing, and friendship.

With the launch of Eyeball Pool on Immutable zkEVM, players can look forward to a unique pool gaming experience that leverages the capabilities of Web3 technology. The integration of blockchain and in-game tokens opens up exciting possibilities for ownership, trading, and rewarding player engagement.


As the game’s release draws nearer, anticipation continues to build among gaming enthusiasts. Eyeball Pool is poised to make a splash in the pool gaming industry, offering an immersive and innovative experience for players worldwide.

Stay tuned for more updates on Eyeball Pool’s development, release dates, and the exciting features it will bring to the world of online pool gaming.


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