GalaChain’s Launch Accompanies NFT Mystery Boxes Release

In a recent announcement, Gala Games shared its intention to transition unsold and reserve NFT game items from the Ethereum network to their recently developed proprietary blockchain, GalaChain. This adaptation promises to allow gamers to interact with their NFTs without Ethereum’s gas fees. Additionally, this change is projected to enhance the platform’s web3 functionalities.

Gala Games will roll out several new NFT Mystery Boxes to complement this transition. These boxes will incorporate game items that are no longer up for grabs in the Gala Games Store. The box is designed to contain three randomly selected game items from various titles available in the Gala Games Ecosystem. The items in these boxes will function as tokens on GalaChain. Notably, actions on GalaChain, such as transfers, can presently be performed without incurring any gas fees. This is a considerable advantage as the creation and distribution of these NFT Mystery Boxes would have been notably more costly in terms of gas if executed on the Ethereum Network.

Jason “BitBender” Brink, Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, commented on this transition. He mentioned, “Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a significant move. GalaChain is envisioned to facilitate game items to be utilized without the constant concerns regarding bridges and gas.” Given GalaChain’s capabilities, Gala Games has released 30204 NFT Mystery Boxes with varying price tags.

Gala Games

Established as a prominent figure in web3 entertainment, Gala Games focuses on delivering AAA game experiences, such as Spider Tanks. These experiences emphasize the essence of player ownership. The company’s foundation lies in its extensive decentralized game nodes, all operated by players. With numerous game releases in the preceding year and several more nearing their final development stages, Gala Games is making strides in the gaming domain.

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Earlier, in May, Gala Games opted for a notable decision of burning approximately 21 billion GALA tokens. The worth of these tokens stood at an impressive $637 million. This action was taken after the completion of its V2 token airdrop. Such a move by Gala Games was perceived as an attempt to ease concerns regarding a potential rapid sell-off event. As highlighted in their 2023 Vision Paper, Gala Games has initiated the process of burning their native token, $GALA. This step came as a response to feedback from the community.

It’s a segment of their Gems initiative, which has its sights on supporting mobile growth and reinforcing the node ecosystem. Gala Games has committed to burning 2 billion $GALA over the year. While tracking this commitment was not feasible under their v1 contract, the introduction of v2 has made it achievable.


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