Mavis Hub’s Greenlight: A New Chapter for Axie Game Developers

Mavis Hub introduces the Greenlight program, set to raise the quantity of Axie games within its platform. With Greenlight, the community gets a voice, allowing them to cast their votes for up-and-coming Axie Infinity games. The Mavis Hub, known for serving as a launchpad for pre-production games, aims to provide a more integrated approach. With the unveiling of Mavis Hub: Greenlight on the Mavis Hub Desktop App and an anticipated web-based version soon to follow, the community’s engagement is expected to reach new heights.

This update, essential for all users, grants players the privilege of play-testing games, voting for their top picks, and offering invaluable feedback. When games fare well on Mavis Hub: Greenlight, it strengthens their case for receiving further support, be it through grants, soft launch budgets, or even inclusion into the Axie Builder’s Program.

Journey to Greenlight for Developers

Before a community-crafted Axie game can venture into the Greenlight realm, it must attain a playable “beta” status. This translates to a game with a polished core loop, offering players a complete gaming session. Developers ready to showcase their creations can submit their games for Greenlight consideration through a designated application form. The Builder’s Discord channel stands as an informative resource for the same. Once submissions are in, a review panel undertakes the task of evaluating these games. Successful entries find their spot on Mavis Hub: Greenlight, ready for global Lunacians to download, play, and review from the hub.

Greenlight Games and Axie Builder’s Program Enhancements

Making a grand entrance on the Greenlight platform are two games: Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars. Mini Tri-Force immerses players into a narrative where their Axie clan’s forest is tainted by an unknown force, requiring players to combat youkai to restore equilibrium. On the other hand, Culinary Wars thrust players into a chaotic kitchen setting, tasking them with timely food preparation and service. A notable feature within Culinary Wars is the 3D Axie mixer, anticipated to be instrumental in breathing life into NFT axies in subsequent Axie adventures.

Source Mavis Hub: Greenlight

In the words of the Axie Infinity War Team, “This update has the potential to be a game-changer for current and future Axie Builder Program projects. I’m eager to explore the new features and enhancements, which I believe will elevate our project in ABP.”

Reflecting on its inception in April 2022, the Axie Builder’s Program has been a commendable initiative, spurring community creativity for the greater good of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. A year into its journey, the program has gathered various insights, all of which have been instrumental in shaping its future course. These enhancements, rooted in community feedback, promise increased opportunities and contributions to the upcoming Axie Core endeavours.

Despite facing setbacks over the last year, Axie Infinity remains a promising and innovative ecosystem. The introduction of Mavis Hub: Greenlight and Mini Tri-Force and Culinary Wars to the platform showcases the community’s dedication to advancing the Axie universe. With continued development and creativity, the future of Axie Infinity looks bright.


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