Spider Tanks Review: How to Play and Earn

Spider Tanks is an exciting new crypto-based multiplayer battle game from Gala Games. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to allow players the chance to earn money while playing. The game is fast-paced and exciting. 

Game Options 

The menu screen gives players to host or join exhibition games, enter a shooting range to practice against bots using different load-outs, play a survival mode, and access the garage to equip weapons or abilities which can be used in battle mode to earn rewards

The Garage 

The garage is an essential part of the Spider Tanks. This is where players can equip and upgrade existing weapon modules or abilities. There are a generous number of abilities to choose from. These include shields, cloaking devices, repair drones, the ability to call airstrikes or teleport, throw stun grenades, place turrets, and more. A large part of the enjoyment of the game is found in creating and testing different combinations in the arena. 

Source Gala Games

Spider Tanks Gameplay 

For anyone familiar with top-down games, the controls are incredibly simple. The movement of the tank is controlled with the keyboard keys (W, S, A, D). The rotation of the tank, as well as the firing distance, is controlled with the mouse. However, some weaponry requires a greater degree of skill to use effectively in terms of distance control and aiming. The abilities have varying cool-down rates and can be set up with the number keys.  

The battle mode uses a matchmaking system to create balanced teams of 3 v 3. There is a strong skill-based element to Spider Tanks. Players need to dodge, fire, retreat, and attack at the optimal time to win a firefight. As well as that, effective teams know when to hold and when to push the opposition back. I found the most enjoyable modes were escort and zone control.  

Source Spider Tanks

How to Earn SILK Tokens

Spider Tanks allows you to earn SILK tokens by winning games. The better you perform, the more you will receive. However, the rank of the tank NFT determines how efficient you are at earning SILK. This isn’t the only way to earn in-game SILK. Players can also share their tanks using the dropship mode. This mode allows players to essentially rent out their tank to other users for 24 hours and gain 50% of the earnings when someone wins the tank.


While being very easy to pick up, Spider Tanks requires a lot of quick thinking and skill in order to become proficient. This, paired with the players’ option to change their gameplay strategy by equipping a wide range of abilities had me coming back for more. I look forward to seeing what additional maps and modes the creators come up with, and I will definitely be revisiting the battle arena for some tank-based carnage in the future.